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Joanne Thomson

We are doing the 3 Peaks challenge to raise awareness of the Breast Cancer Ball, which is held in Greenock Town Hall every October, as well as raise funds for Breast Cancer Care.

We are raising funds for Breast Cancer Care in memory of Christine Thomson, a wonderful mum, wife, sister, daughter, nana and friend, who sadly lost her battle with cancer in January 2009.

Joanne Thomson
£10.00 Mrs Kellyann Donnachie15 May 2016
£10.00 Mrs Lauramay Hourston15 May 2016
£30.00 Mr Francis Blyth15 May 2016
£20.00 Mr McEwan david14 May 2016
£10.00 Mr Anthony McDowall13 May 2016
£10.00 Mrs Anne Docherty11 May 2016
£20.00 Mr Gareth Kilpatrick10 May 2016
£10.00 Mr Colin Wilson01 May 2016
£10.00 Mr Mark Cox01 May 2016
£10.00 Mr Marc Wilson01 May 2016
£20.00 Mr Simon Deveney01 May 2016
£10.00 Mrs Kellyann Donnachie £10.00 Mrs Lauramay Hourston £30.00 Mr Francis Blyth £20.00 Mr McEwan david £10.00 Mr Anthony McDowall £10.00 Mrs Anne Docherty £20.00 Mr Gareth Kilpatrick £10.00 Mr Colin Wilson £10.00 Mr Mark Cox £10.00 Mr Marc Wilson £20.00 Mr Simon Deveney
Breast Cancer Care - In Memory are fundraising.
3 Peaks Challenge
Target: £500.00
Raised: £160.00


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Mr Francis Blyth
Mr Gareth Kilpatrick
Mr Simon Deveney
Mr McEwan david
Mr Marc Wilson

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