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Joanne Thomson

This year will see the 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Ball taking place on 8th October 2016. We hold this event every year to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, all in memory of Christine Thomson, who sadly lost her fight with cancer in January 2009. The last two events have been tremendous successes, and we hope to continue to make the event bigger and better each year. We are also raising awareness through holding special events before the Ball, and appreciate any donations which can be given for this special cause. In addition to the Breast Cancer Ball, several members of #TeamChristine are doing the Half Marathon and 10k at the Great Scottish Run in Glasgow on the 2nd October, and have been training hard to take part in this event, so would really appreciate any donations you could spare.
Joanne Thomson
£15,200.00 Joanne Thomson19 January 2017 Thanks to everyone who came along and helped raise so much in memory of Christine.
£10.00 Mrs Selena Johnston04 October 2016
£10.00 Mr John Walsh03 October 2016
£50.00 Mr Martyn Savage30 September 2016
£5.00 Miss Linda McGregor30 September 2016
£10.00 Miss Janice Campbell27 September 2016
£10.00 Mr Craig McKendrick27 September 2016
£10.00 Mr Den Cooke27 September 2016
£5.00 Miss Antoinette Martinez16 August 2016
£50.00 Mrs Elizabeth Connelly02 June 2016
£15,200.00 Joanne Thomson £10.00 Mrs Selena Johnston £10.00 Mr John Walsh £50.00 Mr Martyn Savage £5.00 Miss Linda McGregor £10.00 Miss Janice Campbell £10.00 Mr Craig McKendrick £10.00 Mr Den Cooke £5.00 Miss Antoinette Martinez £50.00 Mrs Elizabeth Connelly
Breast Cancer Care - In Memory are fundraising.
Breast Cancer Ball 2016
Target: £10,000.00
Raised: £15,360.00


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Joanne Thomson Thanks to everyone who came along and helped raise so much in memory of Christine.
Mrs Elizabeth Connelly
Mr Martyn Savage
Mr John Walsh
Mrs Selena Johnston

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