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Torben Jessen

I first met Andy and Sue when we were working in London in the late 1980s. We became good friends, and Andy was my Best Man when I married Caroline in 1993. I remember Sue for her love of life and great company. It breaks my heart that she is no longer with us.

Andy was due to take part in the Great North Run last year, to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Before he could start he had to return to Edinburgh, and Sue died from Cancer shortly afterwards. Sue, Andy and their son Alex received great support from Breast Cancer Care

Andy and friends will be taking part in the GRN on 10th September, raising money for Breast Cancer Care. I have run several races over the past year. The GRN will be my first supporting a charity. Please donate to Breat Cancer Care, so that others can benefit from their support.

Torben Jessen
£50.00 Miss Ulla Jessen03 September 2017
£10.00 Mrs Jennifer Pope01 September 2017
£15.00 Miss Joanna Batten 23 August 2017
£10.00 Mrs Clare Davenport21 August 2017
£20.00 Mrs Carole Batten17 August 2017
£10.00 Mr Ian Laker16 August 2017
C M JESSEN16 August 2017 I remember Sue fondly, all the best to Andy, Torben and all the other supporters running in memory of Sue. xx
£25.00 Mrs C M JESSEN16 August 2017
£50.00 Miss Ulla Jessen £10.00 Mrs Jennifer Pope £15.00 Miss Joanna Batten £10.00 Mrs Clare Davenport £20.00 Mrs Carole Batten £10.00 Mr Ian Laker £25.00 Mrs C M JESSEN
Breast Cancer Care - In Memory are fundraising.
Torben Jessen's Great North Run for Sue
Target: £400.00
Raised: £140.00


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Miss Ulla Jessen
Mrs Carole Batten
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