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Tim Evans

Thanks for taking the time to consider supporting my charity effort.

Sue Salmon, a good friend from my Manchester University days, passed away last year after a long battle with cancer. She fought very bravely throughout to try to beat the disease. She was taken from us far too young.

Sue is survived by her husband Andy, a very close friend and their only son Alex, a very bright 14 year old, who I am proud to have as a godson.

Although Sue's battle was a difficult one towards the end, she, Andy and Alex were given great support by Breast Cancer Care over the last few years. This support continues.

A few days before Sue left us, Andy was in Newcastle at the start line of the Great North Run, aiming to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Minutes before the start he took a call that he needed to return urgently to Edinburgh and Sue passed away shortly after he returned. Although thwarted on that occasion, Andy, along with several close friends, decided that this year we would join forces to raise funds for this extremely good cause. These efforts will culminate with us all attempting the Great North Run in September 2017.

Prior to that, I shall be attempting to complete the London Marathon in April and I'll need all the support I can get!

So, if you feel able to support my efforts at the London Marathon and the Great North Run this year, I would be very, very grateful. Although I have run in many races over the years, the Marathon is a daunting prospect and this is the first occasion I have decided to raise money for charity. Rest assured it will go to a great cause and the money raised will help provide support to many people in their very personal battles with cancer.

Thanks again for your support,


Tim Evans
£25.00 Mr ANDREW Jamieson18 September 2017
£25.00 Mr Keith Tabatznik15 September 2017
£100.00 Mr Nick Paske12 September 2017
£10,000.00 C Gillmore25 May 2017 C Gillmore has donated £10,000.00 to your appeal
£60.00 Mr Gareth Evans11 May 2017
£50.00 Ms Elizabeth Hicks26 April 2017
£50.00 Mr mark baker26 April 2017
£5.00 Mr Rob Trent25 April 2017
£100.00 Mr Nicholas Pegram23 April 2017
£50.00 Mr Brett Harrendence23 April 2017
£25.00 Mr Loz McCarthy20 April 2017
£25.00 Mrs Sue McCarthy19 April 2017
£78.00 Mr Jonathan Garrard (Llandeilo Round Table)18 April 2017
£50.00 Mr Morris Charlton17 April 2017
£50.00 Mr Richard Bowker14 April 2017
£50.00 Mr Arthur Nicholls11 April 2017
£25.00 Mrs Lynne Shapira09 April 2017
£50.00 Mrs Vanessa Williams03 April 2017
£50.00 Mr Tim Lewis01 April 2017
£50.00 Mr Stuart Veale28 March 2017
£100.00 Mr Jeremy Wallis23 March 2017
£50.00 Mr PHILIP READ21 March 2017
£25.00 Mr Stuart Cox20 March 2017
£100.00 Mr mark tomlinson19 March 2017
£50.00 Ms Rachel Evans18 March 2017
£50.00 Mr Jonathan Coleman18 March 2017
£100.00 Mr Neal & Donna Truman14 March 2017
£25.00 Mr David Wimpress13 March 2017
£100.00 Mr Jonathan Prince13 March 2017
£50.00 Mr Tom Blaha13 March 2017
£50.00 Mr William Gray12 March 2017
£50.00 Mr Tom shorey11 March 2017
£50.00 Mr Tom Hempenstall10 March 2017
£50.00 Mr Max Pentelow10 March 2017
£200.00 Mr Norman Crowe10 March 2017
£50.00 Mr John Bunting10 March 2017
£25.00 Mr Andrew Jamieson09 March 2017
£50.00 Mr John Patrick09 March 2017
£50.00 Mr Gerard E Modecki09 March 2017
£50.00 Mr Joe Luzar09 March 2017
£50.00 Ms Katie Thompson09 March 2017
£100.00 Mr ANDREW LOWE09 March 2017
£50.00 Mr Richard McGrath09 March 2017
£100.00 Mr John Vale09 March 2017
£50.00 Mr Jeremy Gutierrez09 March 2017
£100.00 Mr Phil Harrison08 March 2017
£50.00 Mrs Janet Evans08 March 2017
£200.00 Mrs Lucy Evans08 March 2017
£50.00 Mr Lewis Bronze08 March 2017
£26.20 Mr Gareth Evans08 March 2017
£100.00 Mr David Chinn-Shaw08 March 2017
£100.00 Mr Steve Davies08 March 2017
£20.00 Mr JOHN WYBOURN08 March 2017
£50.00 Mr David Kremer08 March 2017
£100.00 Mr Shaun Vincent08 March 2017
£200.00 Mr Robert Falkenberg08 March 2017
£50.00 Mr James Craig08 March 2017
£25.00 Mr ANDREW Jamieson £25.00 Mr Keith Tabatznik £100.00 Mr Nick Paske £10,000.00 C Gillmore £60.00 Mr Gareth Evans £50.00 Ms Elizabeth Hicks £50.00 Mr mark baker £5.00 Mr Rob Trent £100.00 Mr Nicholas Pegram £50.00 Mr Brett Harrendence £25.00 Mr Loz McCarthy £25.00 Mrs Sue McCarthy £78.00 Mr Jonathan Garrard (Llandeilo Round Table) £50.00 Mr Morris Charlton £50.00 Mr Richard Bowker £50.00 Mr Arthur Nicholls £25.00 Mrs Lynne Shapira £50.00 Mrs Vanessa Williams £50.00 Mr Tim Lewis £50.00 Mr Stuart Veale £100.00 Mr Jeremy Wallis £50.00 Mr PHILIP READ £25.00 Mr Stuart Cox £100.00 Mr mark tomlinson £50.00 Ms Rachel Evans £50.00 Mr Jonathan Coleman £100.00 Mr Neal & Donna Truman £25.00 Mr David Wimpress £100.00 Mr Jonathan Prince £50.00 Mr Tom Blaha £50.00 Mr William Gray £50.00 Mr Tom shorey £50.00 Mr Tom Hempenstall £50.00 Mr Max Pentelow £200.00 Mr Norman Crowe £50.00 Mr John Bunting £25.00 Mr Andrew Jamieson £50.00 Mr John Patrick £50.00 Mr Gerard E Modecki £50.00 Mr Joe Luzar £50.00 Ms Katie Thompson £100.00 Mr ANDREW LOWE £50.00 Mr Richard McGrath £100.00 Mr John Vale £50.00 Mr Jeremy Gutierrez £100.00 Mr Phil Harrison £50.00 Mrs Janet Evans £200.00 Mrs Lucy Evans £50.00 Mr Lewis Bronze £26.20 Mr Gareth Evans £100.00 Mr David Chinn-Shaw £100.00 Mr Steve Davies £20.00 Mr JOHN WYBOURN £50.00 Mr David Kremer £100.00 Mr Shaun Vincent £200.00 Mr Robert Falkenberg £50.00 Mr James Craig
Breast Cancer Care - In Memory are fundraising.
Tim Evans, running in Memory of Sue Salmon
Target: £3,000.00
Raised: £13,589.20


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C Gillmore C Gillmore has donated £10,000.00 to your appeal
Mr Robert Falkenberg
Mrs Lucy Evans
Mr Norman Crowe
Mr John Vale

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