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Joel Pearson

In my view, the most important things in life are friends, family and the experiences we have shared over the years. Good friends span decades. I have known Sue and her husband Andy since our University days at Manchester, and have very fond memories of the fun times we have shared together. Sadly Sue passed away last year after a long battle with Cancer. A few days before Andy was about to start the Great Northern Run in aid of Breast Cancer, he received an urgent call to come back to be by Sues bedside before she passed away. At the funeral a group of us decided to run with Andy in this years race in Sues memory. As a non runner, competing in my first Half Marathon seemed like a good idea at the time. However, as we get nearer to the race and my training distances increase, my body is shouting What are you doing to me you idiot! So please make the pain worthwhile, dig deep and support this amazing cause. Many Thanks,Joel
Joel Pearson
£50.00 Mr John Patrick22 August 2017
£50.00 Mrs Barbara Ovenden20 August 2017
£50.00 Mr Tim Evans20 August 2017
£150.00 Mrs Madeline Steele18 August 2017
£50.00 Dr Ian Fleming16 August 2017
£25.00 Mr Tim Knight15 August 2017
£25.00 Miss Nadine Wall15 August 2017
£25.00 Mr Anton Fernando15 August 2017
£50.00 Mrs Lucie Pearson13 August 2017
£50.00 Mr John Patrick £50.00 Mrs Barbara Ovenden £50.00 Mr Tim Evans £150.00 Mrs Madeline Steele £50.00 Dr Ian Fleming £25.00 Mr Tim Knight £25.00 Miss Nadine Wall £25.00 Mr Anton Fernando £50.00 Mrs Lucie Pearson
Breast Cancer Care - In Memory are fundraising.
Joel Pearson running in Memory of Sue
Target: £500.00
Raised: £475.00


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Mrs Madeline Steele
Mr Tim Evans
Mrs Barbara Ovenden
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Mrs Lucie Pearson

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