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Karen Benson

Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting my charity effort.

I had the privilege of knowing Sue Salmon for a short 8 years through Kerry; Sue & her husband Andy have been good friends of Kerry’s for over 30 years. Sue passed away last year after a long battle with Triple Negative breast cancer. She fought very bravely throughout to try to beat the disease. She was taken from us far too young.

Sue is survived by her husband Andy, and their only son Alex, a very bright 14-year-old, who is Kerry’s godson.

Although Sue's battle was a difficult one towards the end, she, Andy and Alex were given great support by Breast Cancer Care over the last few years. This support continues even now.

Last year Andy was in Newcastle at the start line of the Great North Run, aiming to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Minutes before the start he took a call that he needed to return urgently to Edinburgh and Sue passed away shortly after he returned. Although thwarted on that occasion, Andy, along with several close friends, decided that this year we would join forces to raise funds for this extremely good cause. These efforts will culminate with us all attempting the Great North Run on 10th September 2017 virtually a year to the date Sue passed away.

I only started running last year to get fitter & lose weight, my 1st competitive event was the Leeds 10k this July as part of my training programme for the GNR. I was shocked to work out that the training programme means I will run an average of 19 miles a week a total of 300 miles. The course is 13.1 miles long and hilly so I should need to add in hill practise; fighting gravity is a struggle both mentality and physically but a challenge I have had to overcome.
Not only I’m I going to personally achieve a goal by running the GNR but hopefully raise money for this amazing charity all in Sue’s name. The day itself I’m sure will be very emotional in many ways and I will need to remember my breathing. My hope is in some small way we help to assist the research efforts already under way to find a cure for this horrible disease, and give hope to the thousands of women and their families who are suffering because of it.

Thanks again for your support,

Karen Benson
£10.00 Mr Ellis Cleland22 September 2017
£13.10 Miss Lisa Benvie20 September 2017
£10.00 Mrs Sarah Goulden11 September 2017
£25.00 Miss Joanne Tucker11 September 2017
£10.00 Miss Hannah Sullivan11 September 2017
£25.00 Mr Tom Lund11 September 2017
£20.00 Ms Joanne Butcher11 September 2017
£25.00 Mrs Mita Chauhan11 September 2017
£20.00 Miss Samantha Sullivan11 September 2017
£100.00 Mr Rick Hooper11 September 2017
£25.00 Professor Varinder Aggarwal11 September 2017
£15.00 Mrs Sue Wibberley09 September 2017
£10.00 Ms Andrea McCartney 08 September 2017
£10.00 Mrs p cotton07 September 2017
£25.00 Miss Jennie Downs07 September 2017
£25.00 Mrs Cathy Driscoll06 September 2017
£25.00 Mrs Karen Benson06 September 2017
£10.00 Mrs Ann Bedlow06 September 2017
£25.00 Miss Helen Butterworth04 September 2017
£10.00 Mr Martin Cooper04 September 2017
£20.00 Mrs Myrna Hobbs04 September 2017
£25.00 Mr Stephen Goodyear04 September 2017
£25.00 Mrs Joanna Vowles 03 September 2017
£50.00 Mrs Libby Ahluwalia01 September 2017
£10.00 Mrs Frances Bedlow01 September 2017
£25.00 Mrs Colleen Hall01 September 2017
£50.00 Mr A J FULBERG31 August 2017
£10.00 Miss Annabel Davis31 August 2017
£25.00 Mr Barry Higgins30 August 2017
£10.00 Mrs Harriet Walker30 August 2017
£25.00 Mr Christopher Benson26 August 2017
£30.00 Miss Susan Hughes24 August 2017
£10.00 Miss Isabel Holland24 August 2017
£25.00 Mr Dave Holmes22 August 2017
£50.00 Mrs Heather Gould21 August 2017
£50.00 Mr Kerry Tremble19 August 2017
£25.00 Mrs Aimee Kerr18 August 2017
£50.00 Mr Rick Hooper17 August 2017
£40.00 Ms Emma Landgraf17 August 2017
£10.00 Mrs Caroline Scargill15 August 2017
£50.00 Mr Jaap Edelman 14 August 2017
£50.00 Miss Joanne Shaw14 August 2017
£50.00 Mrs Marilyn Smith14 August 2017
£25.00 Mr Lyle Watson14 August 2017
£25.00 Mr Simon Rodd14 August 2017
£10.00 Mr Frederick Priddle14 August 2017
£10.00 Mr beau buckland14 August 2017
£25.00 Miss Rachel Willett14 August 2017
£25.00 Mr Tom Bearham14 August 2017
£100.00 Mr KERRY BENSON04 August 2017
£10.00 Mr Ellis Cleland £13.10 Miss Lisa Benvie £10.00 Mrs Sarah Goulden £25.00 Miss Joanne Tucker £10.00 Miss Hannah Sullivan £25.00 Mr Tom Lund £20.00 Ms Joanne Butcher £25.00 Mrs Mita Chauhan £20.00 Miss Samantha Sullivan £100.00 Mr Rick Hooper £25.00 Professor Varinder Aggarwal £15.00 Mrs Sue Wibberley £10.00 Ms Andrea McCartney £10.00 Mrs p cotton £25.00 Miss Jennie Downs £25.00 Mrs Cathy Driscoll £25.00 Mrs Karen Benson £10.00 Mrs Ann Bedlow £25.00 Miss Helen Butterworth £10.00 Mr Martin Cooper £20.00 Mrs Myrna Hobbs £25.00 Mr Stephen Goodyear £25.00 Mrs Joanna Vowles £50.00 Mrs Libby Ahluwalia £10.00 Mrs Frances Bedlow £25.00 Mrs Colleen Hall £50.00 Mr A J FULBERG £10.00 Miss Annabel Davis £25.00 Mr Barry Higgins £10.00 Mrs Harriet Walker £25.00 Mr Christopher Benson £30.00 Miss Susan Hughes £10.00 Miss Isabel Holland £25.00 Mr Dave Holmes £50.00 Mrs Heather Gould £50.00 Mr Kerry Tremble £25.00 Mrs Aimee Kerr £50.00 Mr Rick Hooper £40.00 Ms Emma Landgraf £10.00 Mrs Caroline Scargill £50.00 Mr Jaap Edelman £50.00 Miss Joanne Shaw £50.00 Mrs Marilyn Smith £25.00 Mr Lyle Watson £25.00 Mr Simon Rodd £10.00 Mr Frederick Priddle £10.00 Mr beau buckland £25.00 Miss Rachel Willett £25.00 Mr Tom Bearham £100.00 Mr KERRY BENSON
Breast Cancer Care - In Memory are fundraising.
Karen Benson's GNR
Target: £500.00
Raised: £1,373.10


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