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Swee See Khoo Shah
Lisa Barraclough

Lisa was a loving wife, mum, daughter, daughter in law, and friend. Having fought breast cancer over 12 years ago we got the devastating news she had cancer again in June. She was ready to fight this horrible diseases again but sadly passed away on July 9th 2017. Frank Murphy

21st May 1954 - 27th July 2017 June Cammish
Debbie Taylor

02-04-62 to 17-6-17 renee feakins
Shirley Godin
Joanna Thompson

03/05/1981 - 04/05/2014 Sharon Quinn

06.01.1957 to 17.09.2016 Caroline "Kiki" Smith
Kik lost her second fight with cancer on the 6th October, peacefully, having enjoyed life to the max in the preceding months.
Jennifer Davidson
🍓Our Strawberry Teas held in memory
Janice Owen
Carol Young
Betty Ness

10/5/1923 - 18/3/2018 Franco Sterlini
Hilda Chojnowska

20/11/1920 - 09/06/2018 Sonia Gooden
Denise Ashton
Ephesians 5:25
Mrs Ophelia Sookias
Gilbert Jones

21 March 1930 to 1 April 2016 Ann Slater

11/1/1965 16/1/2019 Debbie Sloan
Linda Brown
21.02.1950 - 23.01.2015
In tribute and loving memory of our beautiful Mum lovely Linda, fondly known as Ickle Mums and Muma, a truly incredible lady with the most generous, loving spirit who is desperately missed and forever in our hearts and thoughts.
Christine Lorna Kikiros
Cathy Westhead
Philip Cope
Anne Boyle

14/11/1966 - 29/10/2016 Valerie Tillson
Sue Salmon
Christine Thomson

24/03/1957 - 06/01/2009 Rebecca Chakraborty
Ros Condon
24/12/1948 - 24/09/2003
Tammy Davis
Carol Sherry

04.11.54 - 11.01.18 Sue Westmoreland

19/06/58 - 06/05/2017 Tony Burbridge
Justine Derry
27/11/1969 - 16/12/2009
Christine Deverson
robert partridge

25/05/36 to 04/03/16 Jane Eggleston
In Loving Memory of Carol Gallagher
Molly (Mary) Estabrook
9 June 1943 - 7 May 2014
In lieu of flowers, any donations to UK Breast Cancer would be much appreciated.
Alma Margetts

19.08.1930 to 09.05.2019 Sandra Ann White
22/06/1962 - 11/09/2015
Joanne Louise Heeley
someone special
Maria Williamson
Diane Healy
16/03/57 - 28/02/13
Diane Beevers
28/11/1941 to 06/02/2013
Jennifer Hale
02/04/1958 to 29/10/2011
Stephanie Brough
Brenda Phillips
Betty Robinson
Sara Jane Swade
Beth Wallace
15/02/1961 to 28/05/2013
Jan Robinson
16/08/56 06/12/12
Brenda Ault
Joanne Heeley
02/11/1972 - 11/01/2012
Linda J Blyth
1952 - 28th Feb 2012
Lorraine Walliss
Nonny Thomas
Nikki Crowther
15 June 1966 - 20 January 2013
Sue Keir
27 Dec 1954 to 14 May 2012
Jo Chaplin
1 Sept 1970 - 29 Feb 2012
Christine Yates
Margaret Lambie
Sarah Best

11/09/68 - 21/03/13

Sarah was a beautiful, kind and devoted mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend, who sadly lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 44.

Sarah was a fighter and fought breast cancer bravely, selflessly and with dignity over nine years. When she recovered from her first battle at the age of 35, her response was to train as a counsellor to help others in need. Throughout her fight with this disease, her first thoughts were always of others, of her boys and her family. Sarah really was a truly generous and wonderful person.

We miss her dreadfully but are proud to celebrate her life and keep her memory alive by helping others through her tribute site.

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