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In Memory of Beth Wallace

15/02/1961 to 28/05/2013
In memory of our dear friend and colleague, Beth Wallace.

Beth will be dearly missed by all who knew and worked with her, our heartfelt wishes go out to Laurie and Beth's family, may time help to ease your pain.

Although Beth was not taken from us by breast cancer it was a cause that was very close to her heart. Donations in Beth's name will help other's fight against breast cancer, and continue Beth's support of this wonderful charity and it's work.
£25.00 Miss Hazel Clark08 June 2013
£25.00 Mrs Leigh Moore07 June 2013
£25.00 Mr Richard Hayes06 June 2013
£25.00 Mrs Jane Rowney06 June 2013
£10.00 Mr Gordon Slaven05 June 2013
£10.00 Miss Claire Ramshaw05 June 2013
£10.00 Mrs Maureen Whele05 June 2013
£20.00 Miss Nicola Wilkins04 June 2013
£25.00 Mr IAN MCEVOY04 June 2013
£10.00 Ms Lynn Harrison04 June 2013
£10.00 Mrs Carole Smith03 June 2013

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Beth Wallace Raised: £195.00 Target: £1000.00

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Mr IAN MCEVOY 4 June 2013
Mrs Jane Rowney 6 June 2013
Mr Richard Hayes 6 June 2013
Mrs Leigh Moore 7 June 2013
Miss Hazel Clark 8 June 2013

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