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In Memory of Carol Sherry

04.11.54 - 11.01.18
'I will find out where she has gone,
And kiss her lips and take her hands;
And walk among long dappled grass
And pluck till time and times are done
The silver apples of the moon
The golden apples of the sun'


Carol....such a kind and loving wife, mother, nanny, sister, friend and soulmate. How we miss her generosity of ways and spirit...beautiful...inside and out...

She bore her illness as she lived her life...with dignity, grace and selflessness and we all take inspiration from this as we rebuild our lives and move forward.

During her illness we took huge support from Breast Cancer Care. Its Forum was a constant source of information and we could guarantee we would find a post from someone who was going through a similar experience. The sheer humanity of posters combined with humour, often black, kept us going and gave us hope through some dark days.

We'll miss Carol's tinkling laughter and lovely smile, her pink handbags, macs and blouses...her love of flowers... but also the way she scolded us when we got mud on the carpet and when the teasing went just a little too far!

Despite it all the memories remain as a permanent memorial....days in the sun....laughter filled gatherings with family....challenges met along the way. Sharing tales of those we've lost is how we keep from losing them.

For those entering or undergoing this challenging circumstance, take heart, the overwhelming kindness of people everywhere is hugely uplifting and ultimately life affirming....

'To stand alone in a field in England and listen to the morning chorus of the birds is to remember why life is precious....'

John Lewis-Stempel


We appreciate that a huge number of people contributed to the total amount collected at Carol's funeral but the Charity's software tends to select a few names at random from those on the left hand side. It certainly doesn't indicate that these were the only people who contributed.

£10.00 Emeline Hayes12 July 2018 Carol was always so warm, kind and welcoming every time I visited Anna at the Sherry household. She will always be remembered and is an inspiration to us all x
Paul Sherry25 May 2018 With special thanks to Rachel, Neil Jackson and Dave Spode. Donations made on their behalf
£20.00 Mr Nicholas Sherry25 May 2018 On behalf of Rachel
£50.00 Mr Anthony Burgan23 May 2018 Best Wishes Paul and family
£10.00 Mr Christopher Ferriday06 May 2018 Best Wishes Paul.
£10.00 Mrs Anna Langley03 May 2018 From Clare Boland
£100.00 Mr Clifford Overton 23 April 2018 Mr Clifford Overton has donated £100.00 to your appeal
£100.00 Miss Catherine Overton23 April 2018 Miss Catherine Overton has donated £100.00 to your appeal
Martin, Christine, James and little Ellie10 April 2018 Such a beautiful lady Paul, can't believe she's gone.
Linda Orton10 April 2018 Carol was a good friend when our children were little and we all lived in Shrewsbury. I had met her 40 or so years ago at the John Hunt School and later we taught together at Meole Brace. She was a dedicated teacher and supportive colleague.
Julie, John and Fred Till10 April 2018 What a lovely, intelligent and brave lady she was, and a very modest, discreet and supportive friend and colleague. It has taken me several days to process this news; I do so wish I could have been more of a friend to her in recent weeks, but I knew she had all she wanted in you and the children.
Cliff and Elaine10 April 2018 We remember Carol and all the joy she brought to us – we will never forget her wonderful smile and tinkling laughter.
Phil and Laura10 April 2018 We wish we had the right words. Carol always had such wonderful taste in cards, I kept 2015's cards from you last year to put back on the mantelpiece this year!
Steve, Celia and family10 April 2018 Memories of Carol are very dear to both of us and will always be cherished.
Mary Hall, Gill Butterfield (nee Bossons), Susan Wilson (nee Colclough), Jennifer Holdcroft (nee Brooks)10 April 2018 We all have many memories of Carol from our schooldays. She was intelligent, witty, cheeky, mischievous, pretty, a real personality and above all 'really cool'. It was a joy for Gill, Anji and I to have lunch with Carol last summer. The years rolled by as we shared our Brownhills memories. What a lovely woman Carol turned out to be as she described life with her wonderful family.
John Godwin10 April 2018 She was one of the best colleagues I ever had at Shrewsbury – always cheerful and friendly and a wonderfully supportive help to her pupils. She was quite simply superb at her job but never seemed quite to realise just how impressive she was.
Kath and John Balcombe10 April 2018 She always looked lovely in pink, lovely Carol. Such a sad loss. Carol was a fabulous colleague and friend who was so supportive, so caring and interested in people – especially those who were 'different' and needed help and support.
Viv and Mike Ball10 April 2018 Our thoughts of Carol are of happiness, fun and laughter. We feel truly blessed to have been her friends. We are going to plant a Viburnam shrub in the garden in her memory. She will always be in our hearts; such a wonderful, kind and caring friend.
Kim and Jude10 April 2018 Carol was a dear friend and a lovely person and we know how much she will be missed.
Anji10 April 2018 My wonderful, brave, funny, clever friend. Lots of happy memories from school days onwards. So glad we met up last year, we had such a lovely afternoon together, laughing and walking down memory lane. You never let on !! How brave, how like you to think of others first....
Alison and Mick Phillips10 April 2018 She was such a lovely, caring person – so full of fun and a constant figure while Rachel was growing up.
Chloe10 April 2018 I have known her all of my memorable life – she was such a wonderful woman. I always admired her, she was warm and generous. At times I felt like she guided and mothered me. On occasions, at school, she even taught me. She always saw the positives in everyone, but also had a keen sense of humour and a sharp wit. Her beautiful saucer eyes will live on for the rest of your life.
Mark Turner10 April 2018 Mention of her death has confirmed that Carol was a much-loved member of the Shrewsbury community, who will be sadly missed. Mark Turner Head, Shrewsbury School
Catherine Overton10 April 2018 We loved her so much. The world is a darker, quieter place without her.
Karen and Clive Sheffield10 April 2018 Carol always had time for people. She was kind, generous, funny and modest and always faced everything with great fortitude.
Sam, Andrew, George and Emma Balshaw10 April 2018 I am deeply saddened to hear of your loss Paul, it was a huge shock to me. Carol was a lovely, lovely lady. I remember having a lovely chat with her at Helen's New Year's Eve party about being a part-time working mum. She helped me a lot.
Simon Cousins10 April 2018 I was so sorry to hear the very sad news about Carol. She was such a kind and generous person, and such a patient supportive colleague, during my years working alongside her at Shrewsbury School. She worked so hard to help her students as much as she possibly could and was always so thorough, professional and caring in her approach in her approach towards them. It was so unjust that her much deserved retirement was cut short and was not able to enjoy more unfettered time with the family she obviously loved so much.
Rose and Derek Manger10 April 2018 She was a very lovely lady and a great colleague, an inspirational teacher, much appreciated by all her students at Shrewsbury School.
Judy Finch10 April 2018 For myself, I have known her for a very long time and I shall miss her terribly, even though we only met now and again. She was quite a force of nature, very committed to whichever teaching post she held and very forthright in her views about the world. I shall remember her most for her humour and her ability to sum things up in some very choice words. She didn't beat about the bush and she made me laugh. She'll never be forgotten. She'll live in my head forever.
Janet, MP, Willow and Gene10 April 2018 Carol was a truly lovely lady with the kindest soul. I know you will miss her endlessly and she will be missed by many
Susan and William Sherry10 April 2018 'Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday Unseen, unheard but always near Still loved, still missed and very dear'
Rachel10 April 2018 Carol was such a kind and wonderful person, always smiling and always there to help other people. I have so many lovely memories of her, from her delicious beef casserole to the time we got told off for defiling 'the Kiss' with chocolate mousse!
Chris10 April 2018 I knew Carol for over 40 years and have so many wonderful lovely memories. I never heard her say a bad word about anyone. She was kind, non-judgemental, loyal and always put the needs of others before her own. She was a beautiful, inside and out, with a true generosity of spirit. We are going to miss her bright and beautiful presence so much.
Jeff Head10 April 2018 I remember when Paul first introduced me to Carol, it was in the early seventies and she was visiting Paul in Shrewsbury from University. We got on like a house on fire from our first meeting and when I introduced her to my wife very soon after our family friendship was established. On these sad occasions it is only too easy to exaggerate a person's positive qualities but in this instance no exaggeration is required, simply the basic truth that Carol was a truly lovely person. I have never heard her make a derogatory statement about anyone though perhaps in many instances she would have had sufficient justification. She did not lament her lack of luck when sadly she was to fall victim to cancer on two occasions and to finally succumb to this horrible disease. She was philosophical and accepting of her circumstances and showed amazing courage. She was a wonderful Mother and Grandmother and was clearly immensely loving and proud of her children and grandchildren. Carol was also a very talented teacher and in the early part of her career taught in Telford dealing with some of the more difficult pupils that came from deprived backgrounds. She dealt with a job that I could never have attempted with relaxed calm manner and was very attached to her pupils. To bring some levity to my tribute to my friend it ahs to made clear that Carole knew how to enjoy life and we have had loads of memorable fun filled social occasions which we used to look forward to eagerly. Sadly the last time I saw Carol was just one of these occasions on the 16th December. It was our pre Xmas get together which was a tradition that we had carried out for a number of years. Clearly Carol was not completely her normal self but she made every effort to be happy and upbeat and when we said farewell we had no idea that we would not be repeating the occasion next year. Paul's news, which clearly was so devastating for him, came as a terrible shock to us and all I can say is how much we will miss her. Goodbye my beautiful friend.
Cyril, Chris, Lucy and Simon10 April 2018 Such a lovely person, always so kind, considerate and caring. A real people person, conscientious, hard working too, on behalf of her pupils as well as her family. She had time for everyone, even strangers. I feel honoured to have known her and to have been able to contribute to her teaching career in some small way.
Liz, Neil, Emily and William10 April 2018 Emily and William were genuinely upset when I told them last night, as Carol always made time to talk to them when they were walking to and from school or playing in the street. She will be missed.
John, Jodie and Sebastian Overton10 April 2018 I personally will always remember Carol with great fondness and will miss her
The 'Brownhills Girls', Stoke on Trent10 April 2018 In loving memory of Carol who sadly passed away on 11th January 2018. A fabulous school friend, wife, mother and grandmother who lost her fight with dignity, but far too soon. 'Thanks for the memories'
Eileen Bailey10 April 2018 Carol was a delightful colleague, always warm and friendly with a lovely sense of humour. I enjoyed working with her and she was an excellent teacher. She was one of the best in fact and I know that all her colleagues held her in high regard.
£250.47 Paul Sherry10 April 2018 Donations collected in memory of Carol at the funeral

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