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In Memory of Cathy Westhead


Thank you for donations to the Breast Cancer Care in memory of Cathy Westhead who lived her life to the fullest and will be remembered for her passions including - elephants, Formula 1 race cars, traveling with Geoff, her husband and friends to Scotland, Australia, Tenerife & South Africa, white wine and long chatty, sunday lunches.

Nicky and Mike Westhead
£25.00 Anonymous20 January 2015 So sad but many happy memories.
£25.00 Mrs Pamela Hooker12 January 2015 In memory of Cathy, of our lovely times together in Scotland with Cathy and Geoff, lunches together, lovely memories of a very brave lady, from Pam & Geoff Hooker

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Anonymous 20 January 2015
Mrs Pamela Hooker 12 January 2015

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