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In Memory of Christine Yates

14/03/1953 - 22/08/2012
In Loving Memory of Christine Yates.
£25.00 Miss Keri Yates21 December 2012 Wishing you were here for one last Christmas Mom, miss and love you every day xxx
£25.00 Miss Louise Carrier01 October 2012 In loving memory of a very brave, warm, kind and special lady Louise Carrier xx
£1,010.00 Mr Andrew Yates08 September 2012 Donations from Family and Friends.

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Christine Yates Raised: £1060.00 Target: £0.00

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Mr Andrew Yates 8 September 2012
Miss Keri Yates 21 December 2012
Miss Louise Carrier 1 October 2012

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