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In Memory of Diane Beevers

28/11/1941 to 06/02/2013
My wife Diane died from metastatic breast cancer in February 2013. She was simply the kindest, most beautiful, caring and loving person you could wish to meet. She was my whole life for the 21 years we were together and now she remains my driving force today. Even though cancer took her body, it couldn't take her spirit nor could it affect what she meant - and still means - to me. My Diane has been the inspiration behind me taking up running - something I've never done before in my life - and in April 2014, within 12 months of joining a gym, I'll be running a marathon with her in Rotterdam, where she grew up. Yes, with her. Not for her, but with her. We have done everything together for those 21 years, why should it be any different now? She'll be with me every step of the way but we need your support too - I'm running to raise funds and awareness for the charity Breast Cancer Care, which does incredible work for families affected by this horrible disease. Whatever you can donate will be gratefully received, no matter how small. If you cannot afford to give, please read our story on runningwithdiane.blogspot.co.uk and join up on Facebook or Twitter to spread the word about the Running With Diane campaign and let all your friends and followers know what an amazing job this charity does. Thank you.
£15.00 Mr David Beevers27 May 2015
£627.68 David Beevers27 May 2015 Dave's 5:28 Rotterdam Marathon Appeal I run in memory of my late wife Diane for Breast Cancer Care because their work is so vital in the fight against cancer.
£50.00 Mr David Beevers24 November 2014 From Salford offline donations for the Running With Diane City of Salford 5K Appeal
£756.55 Mr David Beevers24 November 2014 From offline donations to the Running With Diane Marathon Appeal.
£2,545.36 David Beevers01 May 2014 David ran with Diane in the Rotterdam Marathon on 13th April 2014 and the Liverpool Marathon on 23rd May 2014
£10.00 Mrs Julie Bower29 April 2014
£10.00 Mr Andrew Snelgrove16 March 2014 Keep going David, well done.
£1,310.00 David Beevers27 November 2013 David ran with Diane in the City of Salford run on 8th September 2013

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David Beevers 1 May 2014
David Beevers 27 November 2013
Mr David Beevers 24 November 2014
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Mr David Beevers 24 November 2014

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