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In Memory of Gilbert Jones

21 March 1930 to 1 April 2016
From the little boy in the picture to the man you became you touched the lives of so many people with your passion for life. As a husband, dad, grandad, great grandad and friend you were always there for us and for others. You did things because you could and not because you had to. There was never a time when you weren't trying to help others and your Christian faith was behind everything you did.

You could be so infuriating at times when you got a new hobby but as someone who never did things by halves the family got used to your enthusiam and the energy you would put in to do it right.

Even when you developed dementia you were still interested in what everyone was doing and would still give your opinion if you thought it could be done differently. This was something workmen in the house had to get used to as you didn't hesitate to tell then they were doing it all wrong!

It seems fitting that as you spent so much time helping others that this tribute to you means that others can continue to be helped in your name.

£270.00 Mrs Allison Turner23 November 2016 This comes with my love for a very happy life that we shared as a family. So very many happy years. Marie
£50.00 Mr Peter Turner11 September 2016 Mr Peter Turner has donated £50.00 to your appeal

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Mrs Allison Turner 23 November 2016
Mr Peter Turner 11 September 2016

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