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In Memory of someone special

There are many ways you can help Breast Cancer Care's work in someone's memory:

  • you can make a donation and write a message in our memory book
  • you can give a gift to mark special dates or occasions during the year
  • organise a collection in someone's name
  • create an ongoing giving fund for someone

and if there's anything else that you're thinking about, please do get in touch and we'll do all we can to help.

We want to help you to support our work in your loved one's name in a way that's right for you and that will help people affected by breast cancer. Your support in memory can make an immediate difference in the lives of people across the UK. It's an amazing way to honour someone's memory and do something wonderful in their name.

Gifts in memory help us to support families through breast cancer today.

£25.00 Mrs Denise Sriharan10 July 2019
£220.00 Miss karen Maitland30 June 2019 This donation is made from half of the collection at my dad's funeral. He never recovered from losing my sister Alison, his youngest daughter, from breast cancer in 2014. Both are hugely missed from our lives. Lots of love Leslie, Karen, Paul, Rebecca, Theo and Rory xxx ♥
£25.00 Mr ROBIN COOPER12 May 2019 Bob and Carol Cooper. In memory of Emma Blake. Our thoughts also go to Jason and the family.
£100.00 Mrs Kathryn Woodcock 27 March 2019 In loving memory of Francis William Bradley who died on 6th March 2019 aged 93. Donations collected at his funeral in memory of his late wife Olive who died of breast cancer in 1988.
£20.00 Mrs Linda Perry20 March 2019
£35.00 Mr David Phillips26 February 2019
£400.00 Miss Hannah Mcmillan24 January 2019 In memory of Karen McMillan- Jones, money raised from her Celebration of Life on the 15th January. My Mum, Andrews wife and Patricia’s daughter, she was a beautiful women inside and out. She was loved so much by all of her family and friends. A remarkable, positive lady who inspired others throughout her journey with breast cancer. Forever in our hearts and minds 💗
£25.00 Mrs Samantha Boyce19 December 2018 Missing you, gorgeous girl. Made a gingerbread house tonight whilst thinking of you. You’d be all over it. Love you Jo xxxx
£100.00 Mrs Joanne Martin16 October 2018 In loving memory of Irene Colledge 15th September 1931 - 20th August 2018
£83.00 Mrs amanda dobson03 October 2018
£80.00 OliviaHayes13 August 2018 In memory of someone special
£175.00 MrsFarquhar08 August 2018 In Loving Memory of Catherine (Kate) Monaghan
£25.00 Mr Frank Barry08 August 2018
£1.00 Mr Adam Warren06 August 2018 Mr Adam Warren has donated £1.00 to your appeal
£370.00 NickJenkins26 July 2018 Funds raised at our Afternoon Tea held in memory of our dear friend Jackie Hearn
£100.00 Peter Allen12 July 2018 Peter Allen has donated £100.00 to your appeal
£150.00 GerardHudson10 July 2018 In loving memory of Monica Hudson
£10.00 Mrs Ann Budd26 May 2018
£100.00 Ms Sheila Glendenning25 April 2018
£20.00 Mrs Jennifer Coote-Gourley07 March 2018 Given in memory of my mum for mother's day. Jenn
£25.00 Mr Neil Price04 January 2018
£80.00 Mr Andrew Morle15 December 2017
£365.00 Mrs Ann Jamieson03 December 2017 Angela McBurney, we lost you far too soon. You brought a lot of love and laughter into our lives. 1st July 2017 changed all our lives. Our wee gang will continue to toast you at every opportunity, she'd a tear or two, but mostly there will be laughter as we remember all the shenanigans! Miss you lots. Xxxxx
£100.00 Mrs CHRISTINE BRIDGES20 November 2017
£25.00 Mr CHRISTOPHER BRIDGLAND14 November 2017 In memory of Carla.
£80.00 Mr John Britchford 04 November 2017 In memory of our beautiful daughter, Jules (Julia Hall). Loved and missed beyond words x
£300.00 Ms Jacki Rowley 30 September 2017
£25.00 Miss Shirley Wallwork23 September 2017
£20.00 Mrs June Johnstone04 September 2017
£20.00 Mrs Cheryl Down29 July 2017
£403.76 Miss Danielle McBurney11 July 2017 In memory of Angela McBurney who died on 1st July 2017 aged 52. This money was donated at her funeral. She was one of a kind and will be deeply missed.
£25.00 Mrs Diane Jones06 June 2017 In loving memory of Sue Westmoreland an brave amazing lady and friend. Who loved everyone with a smile.
£25.00 Ms Mary Hughes06 June 2017 In memory of Christiana Ensam-Taiwo. Rest in peace.
£100.00 Mr WILLIAM CONROY10 April 2017
£180.00 Mrs Victoria Marshall14 March 2017
£300.00 Mrs Lorna Jenner06 February 2017
£85.00 Mrs Christine Barford06 February 2017
£220.00 Mrs Marjorie Barnes30 January 2017
£25.00 Miss Caroline Nye22 January 2017
£50.00 Miss anne wood02 January 2017 In fond memory of Jenny Simmons who passed away 4.12.16 and will be sadly missed. With Love Anne and Janetxxx
£25.00 Miss Patricia P Emerson29 December 2016
£30.00 Mr Andy Unwin10 December 2016
£10.00 Miss Helen Hayhurst 16 November 2016
£50.00 Mr Stephen Barnes25 October 2016
£50.00 Mrs Valerie Power12 September 2016
£25.00 Mrs Emma Hudson23 August 2016
£50.00 Mr Richard Forder20 August 2016 In memory of my wife Sue
£50.00 Mr Richard Forder20 August 2016
£25.00 Mrs Catherine Walker09 August 2016 Donated in memory of my cousin Helen O Connor xx
£350.00 Mr Gordon Watson31 July 2016 Dontated in Memory Pauline Edgar (nee Mayo) by Brechin High School Class of 79 reunion.
£25.00 Mr Andrew Wade31 July 2016 Maggie - It was lovely to have known you, you are sadly missed.
£50.00 Mr Anthony Ruberry26 July 2016 In memory of Maggie - a lovely lady
£200.00 Mr David Gregson18 July 2016 In loving memory of my beautiful sister Fiona, David xx
£20.00 Mrs Penny Bridger08 July 2016 Remembering Sandra, a dear friend & colleague. You were an inspiration to us all. Penny
£190.00 Miss Sharon Mooney06 July 2016 In memory of our friend and colleague Isabelle Morrison who'll be sadly missed
Ms Gillian Hughes27 June 2016 Mother, grandmother, friend. In memory of a fun person. Gill
£40.00 Mrs Ann Perry26 June 2016 In memory of Stella Shenton
£25.00 Miss sarah tetrault25 June 2016 Happy Birthday to my Mum she would have been 60 today Keep fighting people xx
£20.00 Mrs Christine Cotterell18 June 2016 In memory of a dear schoolfriend Nikki Boyes. She kicked cancers butt but it came back 12.12.65 - 28.5.16 Keep smiling Nikki you are an inspiration to me. xxxx
£20.00 Mrs Rona Bunn14 June 2016 RIP Maureen Rudd. A joy to know you however briefly. Enjoy your next journey. Love from Rona & Bobby.
£25.00 Miss sue casey13 June 2016 Sandra Dorna Potter you will be missed RIP
£25.00 Mrs Laura Stewart09 June 2016 In memory of Bec's Mum. You raised a wonderful, strong daughter who in turn is raising a granddaughter to be proud of. Bec's NCT friends xxx
£60.00 Mr Donald Murray08 June 2016 Mr Donald Murray has donated £60.00 to your appeal
£175.00 Mrs Kathryn Erskine08 June 2016 In memory of Fiona Mary Sprott, dear friend and little sister, from Jan (Molnar) and Kathy (Erskine)
£252.20 Mr David Elloway07 June 2016 In memory of Monica Frances Elloway. A life well lived. A mum, a friend, a neighbour, much loved – how lucky we are to have had her as ours.
£0.10 Mr syed fuaad06 June 2016 Mr syed fuaad has donated £0.10 to your appeal
£0.10 Mr Syed Fuaad06 June 2016 Mr Syed Fuaad has donated £0.10 to your appeal
£150.00 Bernard Bernard G Lord02 June 2016 In memory of my beloved sister Monica Elloway (ne lord) who passed away on 2nd April after a brave battle aged 86.
£115.00 Mrs linda Gibson01 June 2016 In memory of my special sister Margaret Wood and my best friend Null Robertson xx
£50.00 Ms Anna Boni24 May 2016 donated on behalf of a colleagues family
£50.00 Ms Geraldine Bloomfield12 May 2016 For you Michelle, you beautiful gorgeous spirit with a smile and laugh that is etched on our hearts forever. We love you. xxxxxxxxx
£25.00 Mrs Jane Venton10 May 2016 In loving memory of Jennifer Randell, a friend for nearly 40 years.
£200.00 Mrs Anne Hurtley06 May 2016 In Memory of all who have been affected by breast cancer. Also my husband Brian affected by Alzheimers.
£35.00 Mrs Caroline Rands04 May 2016 In memory of Brenda Spray on the Wedding Day of her beautiful daughter, Jo who will be marrying Anthony on 13 May 2016, with love from all of Jo's friends and colleagues at PKF Cooper Parry.
£100.00 Mr John Kelly30 April 2016 Hope this small donation helps to carry on the good work on curing breast cancer In memory of my mother Kathleen Kelly and the many others who passed away. Best wishes John Kelly
£175.00 Mr Eric Duncan25 April 2016 In memory of Joan C Duncan, 21 Dec 1935 - 8 April 2016, greatly missed by family and friends.
£120.00 Mr Christopher Booth14 April 2016 In memory of Keith Murgatroyd and the care given to his wife
£30.00 Ms Hilary Osmend10 April 2016 In memory of my aunt/sister Pat. Much missed from Daphne and Bill
£15.00 Mr Paul Taylor01 April 2016 Mr Paul Taylor has donated £15.00 to your appeal
£200.00 Mr Raymond Collings21 March 2016 From all the friends and relatives of the late Kathleen Mary Collings , hope it goes to helping others.
£50.00 Mrs Angharad Parry21 March 2016 In memory of my Mum, Pauline, for Mother's Day and our birthdays. I think of you every day and wish that you had had a chance to know your grandson. With love always, Angharad
£40.00 Mr David King19 March 2016 In fond memory of our cousin Liz Muir from John, Jan, David, Marion & families
£50.00 Mrs Ivy McKenzie19 March 2016 In memory of my dearest friend Debby Martin - whose son Bruce is marrying Tamerin Borland today - they have requested 'no gifts' therefore this donation is in place of a gift. Love from Alex and Ivy xxx
£50.00 Miss Emma MCKENZIE19 March 2016 This is to celebrate the wedding of Bruce and Tam. They asked not to be given gifts so to mark their happy day I wanted to give a donation to Bruce's lovely Mum, Debby Martin who will be much missed today. This is a charity close to Bruce's heart. Wishing Bruce and Tam much happiness and joy together for ever, all my love, Emma McKenzie
£50.00 Mr terry noble18 March 2016 Donated in honour of Sylvia Anderson, an inspiring woman and great talent;pls send a note to her family; terry noble, vancouver, canada
£100.00 Ms Sarah Falconer16 March 2016 In memory of my beautiful Mum, Sandra Falconer - a survivor of breast cancer. Miss you so much and love you always Thank you to kind friends for this donation
£25.00 Miss Julia Knott14 March 2016 In memory of Bumpkin - a lovely, kind friend. X
£255.00 Miss lindsey JESSOP06 March 2016 In loving memory of our mum, nannan, sister and auntie GLENDA UNWIN who loved life it's self, had friends far and wide and was loved by all. Always in our thoughts forever in our hearts.
£10.00 Mrs Sarah Aitchison01 March 2016 In loving memory of my wonderful mum Maureen Herd x
£25.00 Ms Katherine o'donovan29 February 2016 For Tessa, much loved By family and friends. So kind in helping with my daughter's wedding
£600.00 Mrs Louise Stapleford26 February 2016 In memory of a beautiful person who lost her fight 3 years ago. Taken from her family and friends far too soon and missed everyday. Never forgotten Rebecca. Xx
£4,000.00 Mr Malcolm Muggeridge26 February 2016 In memory of the most wonderful wife and mother of four fantastic children, she battled till the end a true inspiration to us all.
£10.00 Mrs Mandy Seffert22 February 2016 Remembering my wonderful Mother who was cruelly deprived of ever knowing her fantastic grandchildren. She taught & gave me so much. Still miss her after 36years.
£10.00 Mrs Alison Weston22 February 2016 In memory of my lovely nan. I miss her so much xxxxx
£50.00 Mrs Wendy Webb21 February 2016 Linda Mann In memory of a dear sister, much loved and much missed. Ian and Wendy
£25.00 Miss sarah tetrault12 February 2016 Miss sarah tetrault has donated £25.00 to your appeal
£20.00 Mrs Roberta Bennett07 February 2016 In memory of Gill Vallance Bob and Chris King
£0.10 Mr Syed Fuaad04 February 2016 Mr Syed Fuaad has donated £0.10 to your appeal
£25.00 Mr jack ansell03 February 2016 in memory of brenda spray
£25.00 Mrs Carmen Marshall25 January 2016 In memory of the 12 members of my family affected by cancer
£10.00 Mrs PAULINE ALGAR23 January 2016 In memory of my darling mother, Betty Duroe, such a fighter and inspiration to many. Greatly missed.
£150.00 Mrs Mary Houghton23 January 2016 £220.00 was raised in memory of my late Mother Mrs Dorothy May Matthews.Thank you to everyone who contributed. Dorothy lived a long and happy life. Rest in Peace
£40.00 Mrs Sally Ridley21 January 2016 I would like to donate to breasdt cancer it has been my mind funeral today and we have collected for breasdt cancer and dementia uk thankyou to all the people who donated I hope this will help xx
£200.00 Mr Ian Warwick16 January 2016 In memory of Mum, but also of Kim, both of whom passed too soon, and both are so much missed
£50.00 Ms Sarah Hodge-Owen13 January 2016 In Loving Memory
£50.00 Dr cherry kingsley05 January 2016 For Claire. RIP
£25.00 Mrs Wendy Hudson04 January 2016 In memory of my aunt Lisa who recently passed away - miss her lots xx
£5.00 Ms Becky Shepherd02 January 2016 In memory of Julie.xxx
£483.82 Miss Leanne Gelder02 January 2016 In Loving Memory of Christine Lemm our Dear Mum,Partner,Sister,Grandma,Auntie and Friend. 3/4/1959- 9/12/2015 Taken from us after her long fight against breast cancer. The Donations were kindly made by Family and Friends at Mums Funeral Service.
£50.00 Mrs Deborah Winter29 December 2015 In memory of a very special and brave friend, Jenny Mills. She referred to the cancer cells as "the little buggers" and fought them to the end. Deborah and Richard Winter xx
£50.00 Miss sarah-jane tetrault25 December 2015 Merry Christmas Mum, 11 years have passed and I miss you every day xx
£35.00 Ms Charmaine Simpson21 December 2015 In loving memory of my Mum, sister Dawn and sister Lynda
£400.00 Mrs Julie Dickenson27 November 2015
£300.00 Mr Brendan Tracey27 November 2015 In memory of our friend and colleague Paula White. Sadly missed. Thinking of you at this time of year.
£25.00 Mrs Ann Billen19 November 2015 in memory of Diane Stonham 3/8/1948 - 12/11/2015 Love Ann x
£50.00 Mr Richard Reeves16 November 2015 In loving memory of Vera Witting from her saddened family and friends.
£200.00 Mr Philip Pudner10 November 2015 In memory of my wife's dear friend, Margret Heffer
£20.00 Mrs Margaret Palmer06 November 2015 In memory of my darling Mum, Joan Sage, on the occasion of her birthday, the 19th October.
£75.00 Miss Rachel Burke31 October 2015 Generous collection from Hubert Esson's funeral in loving memory of his beloved daughter Yvonne Esson.
£138.00 Mr Samuel Ledsham30 October 2015 My Mum is 64 and has breast cancer,she has had one breast removed and finished all her treatment and is looking great and I hope she will make a full recovery and get the all clear. We had a coffee morning and wear it pink at my place of work,Newlands Care home,Whites Row,Kenilworth CV8 1HW and we raised £138 in 2 hours.
£10.00 Ms Kandis Nelson23 October 2015 I'm donating money in memory of my grandmother who I lost 10 years ago! She was a breast cancer survivor but years after she was diagnosed and died of bone cancer. Love you granny. Your at peace now :)
£25.00 Mrs Emma Abrey23 October 2015 In memory of Fay Diplock. Peace be with you Fay.
£30.00 Mrs Jennifer Barham13 October 2015 In memory of my Mum - Mary Bonner, who I miss every single day xxx
£25.00 Mrs Alison Stephenson12 October 2015 for my sister Eleanor Knapp who died through breast cancer in 2008.
£10.00 Miss samantha camp11 October 2015 In memory of Carina Tonnessen, a beautiful lady inside and out. May she fly high and free with the dragons. Much love my dear friend. xx
£611.00 Mr Philip Turner10 October 2015 In memory of Barbara Turner. The most loving, caring and incredible woman, who we as her family and friends will deeply miss. She will live on in our hearts.
£40.00 Ms Valerie Marcel05 October 2015 Christine Daufin 1970-2015
£20.00 Mr Brian Cullen05 October 2015 My wife Chris died 8 years ago aged 50. I miss her every day. I have just given a talk on one of my favourite subjects 'Radio Caroline' to our local U3A group and they gave me a donation as a thank you which I now pass on to you in memory of Chris. Best wishes, Brian Cullen
£10.00 Mrs Gail Walker02 October 2015 Evelyn Seddon In memory of my wonderful mum who died from metastatic breast cancer 4/5/2007. She battled for 5 years and never asked once 'why me?' She showed great strength of character and bravery and accepted her demise with true dignity. She was and always will be,my biggest inspiration. Gone but never forgotten my beautiful mum xxx
£10.00 Mr Christopher Prout23 September 2015 Good luck Ronnie in the Windsor Half Marathon. Best Wishes 'The Prout's' x
£25.00 Mr David Shaw19 September 2015 With fond memories of Uncle Bill Halliwell from Mary and David
£50.00 Mrs Reda Kazaryan10 September 2015 Mrs Reda Kazaryan has donated £50.00 to your appeal
£100.00 Mr Norman Rigg08 September 2015 Wynne Winn-Moon was a wonderful person, brave, strong, generous, loving and loyal and a joy to be with. Our thoughts are with Howard and Wynne's children and grandchildren at this very sad time. With our love and deepest condolences, Mary and Norman Rigg
£100.00 Miss Ashleigh Craggs07 September 2015 Martha Patricia Glasper died at age 84 on the 28th August 2015 of breast cancer. She was a loving mam, mother in law, nana and great nana and will be missed forever by those who love her. This is a donation from a collection at her funeral.
£215.00 Mr BRIAN ROGERS04 September 2015 Her flame flickered and died but it lit the lives of many. Sadly missed but not forgotten
£10.00 Mr Roger Tardy03 September 2015 Wynne Winn-Moon In loving memory of Wynne . Roget
£100.00 Mr J Davy30 August 2015 In memory of my Aunt and Godmother - Aunty Paul. Rest in the love of God. Jim
£25.00 Mrs Sally Grewcock30 August 2015 In loving memory of my wonderful mum x
£50.00 Mrs Rosalind Sanderson23 August 2015 In memory of Joan Roberts, from all of Anthony Bullock's family.
£25.00 Mr Ian Spencer22 August 2015 In loving memory of Heather Spencer who will be sadly missed by all the family. Heather was always up for a laugh and loved a good get together with her family. With love from us all. Ian,Sandy, Jonathan, Charlotte, John, Lola & Thomas.
£25.00 Mr Keith Spencer20 August 2015 In loving memory of Heather Spencer who will be sadly missed by all the family. She was the life and soul of any party or family gathering' is irreplaceable and much loved. With love from all the Spencer family in the UK.
£25.00 Mr Derek Spencer20 August 2015 In loving memory of Heather Spencer who will be sadly missed by all the family. She was the life and soul of any party or family gathering' is irreplaceable and much loved. With love from all the Spencer family in the UK.
£25.00 Mr Stewart Spencer20 August 2015 In loving memory of Heather Spencer who will be sadly missed by all the family. She was the life and soul of any party or family gathering' is irreplaceable and much loved. With love from all the Spencer family in the UK.
£193.00 Mr w Birrell15 August 2015 In Loving Memory Of Anne Birrell
£100.00 Ms C S Huskisson13 August 2015 For a great lady who died August 8, 2015 - Julie Johnson. She will be greatly missed.
£200.00 Mrs Joanne Buck11 August 2015 23/02/1961 to 28/11/2012 A donation in memory of Mandy Watling raised by her family and friends on trip to the Races for her first memorial. Mandy was an amazing person who lived life to the full despite her illness she was truly inspirational to everyone lucky enough to have met and known her. This is a charity that was very close to Mandys giving her tremendous support and knowledge, thank you for your help.
£80.00 Mrs Nina Kemp15 July 2015 For Susie
£50.00 Ms Joanne Grant13 July 2015
£500.00 Mr Robert McKay09 July 2015
£510.00 Mr Philip McCaherty23 June 2015 June McCaherty
£300.00 Mr David McLuckie15 June 2015
£10.00 Mr Philip Saunders08 June 2015 In Memory of my sister Marie Blackburn
£50.00 Ms Elaine Green03 May 2015 In loving memory Evelyn Williams, a wonderful Mum, Nan and Great-Nan who passed away on March 16 after a well-lived 96 years.
£100.00 Ms Sara Dwyer07 April 2015 In memory of Carol Wildgoose - From SFB Plastics, Inc.
£13.00 Mr ralph gillies28 March 2015
£40.00 Mr Barrie Rodway05 March 2015
£50.00 Mr Christopher Smith25 February 2015
£50.00 Mrs Kathleen Bakewell11 February 2015 In memory of Margaret Talbot, an exceptional woman whose death has left the world a poorer place. The December Darlings will always keep you in our hearts.
£100.00 Mr David Fish08 February 2015 Lorna you will always be remembered with love from family and every one who knew you
£75.00 Ms Mary Stimson08 February 2015 In memory of DORIS GROOME, born 26.3.17, a much loved neighbour & long standing resident of Woodland Road. Rest in peace x
£25.00 Ms Yvonne Cullen03 February 2015
£50.00 Dr Fiona Baber28 January 2015 In memory of Margaret Taulbut, a valued memory of the December Darlings and sadly missed. Fiona
£50.00 Mrs Gwendoline P M Holder28 January 2015
£100.00 Mr Richard Moore28 January 2015
£1,000.00 Ms Barbara Jacobs21 January 2015 In honored memory of Antony Dutton, from his colleagues in the Complex Commercial Litigation group at Dechert LLP.
£100.00 Ms Sandra Miller20 January 2015
£50.00 Mrs Carolyn Read11 January 2015
£25.00 Mrs susan Moore07 January 2015 Please accept this donation in memory of Wendy Blackman who passed away in December 2014, also for her daughter-in-law Wendy Blackman who died in 2014 of breast cancer. With our deepest sympathy Susan, Lewis & Family
£10.00 Ms Helen Ayers29 December 2014 In leui of a Christmas pressie and in memory of my lovely mum, Vivien Ayers, taken too soon by breast cancer. XXXXX
£25.00 Ms Deborah Corrie24 December 2014 In memory of my beautiful mum Elaine Corrie I don't send Christmas cards anymore I now donate the money in her memory , our bright shining star! xxx
£10.00 Mrs Sonya Field23 December 2014 In memory of Janet Dockrell who passed away on the 15th December 2014.
£25.00 Dr Mark Allington17 December 2014
£20.00 Mrs Jacqueline Bulloch15 December 2014
£200.00 Mrs Caroline Price15 December 2014 For Hazel; Stewart Bright and beautiful, always. Caroline Moore
£25.00 Mrs Angela Reynolds03 December 2014 In memory of Hazel Dewart. It was a privilege to have known you and I was so glad to see you that Saturday. Love to all the family from the Reynolds family.
£50.00 Mrs heather Moore27 November 2014
£25.00 Ms Masa Al-kurdi25 November 2014 In memory of Hazel Dewart. Who was an inspiration scholar and person and so loved by everyone. Thank you for everything you did for me Hazel and may you rest in peace.
£50.00 Miss Wendy Pope21 November 2014 In memory of Rose Pope, taken far too soon. Within live from Jenny, Andy and family. Xxx
£25.00 Mrs frances Holton20 November 2014 In memory of Hazel Dewart with love to all the family from Frances & Phil Holton
£10.00 Mr Anthony Towell18 November 2014 In memory of Hazel for all your support till the very end. Tony, Dawn & children
£50.00 Ms Diana Kahn17 November 2014 In memory of Hazel Dewart, with love to her family, from Diana Kahn and Terence Mitchison
£100.00 Miss Lucy Holton17 November 2014 In memory of Hazel Dewart with love to the whole family from The Graveney Girls xxx
£100.00 Mr Richard Power17 November 2014 In fondest memory of Hazel, Trish & Richard
Jean Fraser17 November 2014 Dearest Hazel you will always be in our hearts. Rest well now. All our love Jean, Rita and Megan
£100.00 Dr Tim Stewart17 November 2014 Thank you Hazel for the many memories. We often laughed over the truism that "you can take the girl out of Ballymoney but you can't take Ballymoney out of the girl" Love Tim and Mary Stewart
£50.00 Dr Saradha Supramaniam14 November 2014 Hazel (Dewart) Stewart - In loving memory of a long and cherished friendship. Saradha Supramaniam
£50.00 Mr R F Guy14 November 2014 In memory of Hazel Dewart, a genuine gentle and loving person,
£25.00 Mr Peter Burbidge13 November 2014 In memory of my friend Hazel Dewart, I will miss your moral support on the cancer journey. Peter Burbidge
£100.00 Mr Mark West13 November 2014 In memory of Hazel Stewart - Mark & Virginia West
£100.00 Mr Simon Brilliant13 November 2014 In memory of Hazel Stewart Simon Brilliant
£100.00 Mr Thomas Van Oss12 November 2014 In memory of Hazel Dewart (Stewart)
£40.00 Miss Kirstie Bowman11 November 2014 This gift is dedicated to the memory of Raveena Parchure who died recently of breast cancer. May you rest in peace xxx
£130.00 Mrs Patricia Douglas03 November 2014 In loving memory of our dear Mam, Annie Leighton who died 15/10/14. Money collected at her funeral, thankyou to everyone who donated to breast cancer care.
£10.00 Miss Diane Morlidge03 November 2014
£5.00 Mrs Ilona Poole07 October 2014 This is in memory of my mother & my cousin, both who died from breast cancer......miss you loads....xx
£143.00 Mrs Linda Edmead17 September 2014 We would like to donate in memory of our mum she recovered from breast cancer but sadly passed away in june. A big hole has been left in all our hearts,X
£50.00 Mrs Caroline Foote04 September 2014 In loving memory of my sister Angela Hopper who died on 5th August 2014
£600.00 Miss Aakanksha Sadekar02 September 2014
£50.00 Mr Don Young01 September 2014
£285.00 Mr Johan Tillenius01 September 2014 In loving memory of our friend Clare Andersson who past away way to soon.
£60.00 Mr Martin Norman28 August 2014 In loving memory of Linda Gallacher, 01.08.58 - 08.06.14
£100.00 Mr Andrew Goodsell21 June 2014 In loving memory of Wendy Anne Blackman. June 63 - April 14 We all miss you Goody, Yvonne, Aaron & Connor
£15.00 Mr Peter Baker19 June 2014
£10.00 Mr Craig McDonald15 June 2014 In loving memory of the most amazing woman I have ever met, and been fortunate enough to have the privilege to call my Mum. We all love you and miss you, Good Night and God Bless
£100.00 Mrs Marie Schaff11 June 2014 I would like to make a donation in memory of my Mum. she recovered well from breast cancer nearly ten years ago and sadly died from heart failure last week. She always said she would prefer a donation to you than flowers at her funeral.
£25.00 Mrs Kathryn Durbin10 June 2014 A donation made in fond memory of a lovely lady, Elizabeth Harwick, who lived life to the full. Kath & Alun Durbin
£275.00 Mr Craig McDonald17 May 2014 Donation in memory of Diana McDonald. After her Niece was diagnosed with Breast Cancer our Mum became a supporter of Breast Cancer Care. So as a family we thought Mum would like us to have a final tribute in her name. Family was everything to Mum and knowing she had helped her Niece and others in her final act would make her proud. She was a special lady who will never be forgotten, will live for ever in our hearts and in our fond Memories. ‘Till we meet again Mum. Love for ever.
£20.00 Mr Tim Baillie02 May 2014
£15.00 Mr Lawrence Taylor27 April 2014 With special memories of "Bessie-next-door" November 1916 - April 2014 God Bless, Aunt Bessie. With Love Irene, Laurie, Robert, Orit, Richard and Selina. x x
£20.00 Ms phyllis Roberts22 April 2014 in loving memory of our dear friend Joan Mills
£50.00 Miss Lauren Whitehead12 April 2014
£238.00 Mr Philip Cooper10 April 2014
£100.00 Miss Rachel McEwan10 April 2014
£10.00 Mr michael clarke07 April 2014 in memory of lew evans a good mate
£50.00 Mrs Colette Newcomb07 April 2014 In memory of our beautiful cousin Dawn. From Phil, Colette and Rebecca in Perth and Sydney, Australia.
£10.00 Mrs Margaret South04 April 2014 In memory of Jill Cotton, Suffolk who fought bravely for many years but lost her battle last month. A lovely, kind person.
£10.00 Mrs Dawn Norton20 March 2014 I'll never forget you beautiful gentle human being Jill Cotton Xx
£5.00 Miss Kim Brooks20 March 2014
£5.00 Mrs beverley gilbert19 March 2014
£1.00 Miss josephine giddings19 March 2014
£100.00 Dr Keith Johnson10 March 2014
£25.00 Mrs Caryll McFadyen06 March 2014 In memory of our Aunt Audrey Carter with love from Caryll and family in Jersey
£25.00 Mrs Caryll McFadyen06 March 2014 In loving memory of Audrey Carter from her sister-in-law Hazel, Jersey
£50.00 Kate Atherton27 February 2014 For Tracy, I miss my Brother, the kids miss their uncle, the gap you left can never be filled Bro, Lots of Love, Paul, Kate, Abi & Josh xxxx
£30.00 Mr KEN KIRK22 February 2014 To celebrate the Birthday of my wonderful, beautiful friend HELEN LEWIS with special thoughts from her for the many friends she has lost & who have suffered from this dreaded disease. :-(
£25.00 Mrs A N Brookman18 February 2014 For Denise Jill Wood. Lost to cancer February 3rd. A lovely lady who'll be sadly missed.
£44.00 Mrs Jennifer Kirby15 February 2014
£40.00 Mrs Jennifer Kirby15 February 2014
£25.00 Ms Janet Dewar15 February 2014
£25.00 Mr Andrew Woodcock09 January 2014
£25.00 Mrs Susan Rossington09 January 2014 In loving memory of my warm and wonderful Auntie Pauline who sadly passed away in July, 2013 Sue XXXX
£260.00 Miss Catherine Levy29 December 2013 In loving memory of June Morgan who sadly passed away on 27th October 2013. The donations were collected during and after the funeral service.
£30.00 Mr Carl Rawson24 December 2013 My Nan Gertrude Rawson passed away on friday 20th December 2013, 17.45. God bless her, love you nan xxx
£25.00 Ms Debby Corrie23 December 2013 I am making this donation instead of sending christmas cards in memory of my lovely mum Elaine Corrie we miss her so much xxx
£10.00 Mrs Alison Schillaci19 December 2013 In loving memory of all those who sadly left us too soon. Happy Christmas to our Angels.
£10.00 Mrs Tina Sharpe19 December 2013 This donation is made in memory of my lovely friend Jane. Miss you loads Janey xx
£25.00 Mrs Helen Ashworth11 December 2013 This donation is made in memory of my daughters friends mum, Frances Robinson, who has recently passed away at 39 years of age because of this terrible disease. Although I didn't personally know Frances, I know she was loved by many and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her. Sending love to her family XXX From the Ashworth family.
£20.00 Mrs CLAIR ROBERTS25 November 2013 For Miranda Bass (Kemp). School friends like you who shape who we all grow up to be. Your laugh always infected the whole school bus. We will continue laughing out loud for you. You will be forever young, Miranda. Love Clair x
£600.00 Mr kenneth watt24 November 2013 In memory of Florence Watt (Flo) who suddenly passed away on 20th April 2013. Flo is very sadly missed by all her family and friends.
£25.00 Mrs Elaine Baines05 November 2013 In memory of Stella Kelly who passed away on 30th October, 2013 from Elaine Baines and family.
£50.00 Ms Antonia Kurdash14 October 2013 In memory of Deirdre Werner.
£25.00 Mr Colin j Brewster04 October 2013 In memory of my aunt, Violet Parrot, who passed away on Saturday the 5th of October
£25.00 Mrs Brenda Jarrett01 October 2013
£25.00 Mr John Clowes12 September 2013
£50.00 Mr Chris Parsons19 August 2013 In memory of Phyllis Martingell, good and true friend and loving God parent. Will be sadly missed Don, Betty, Sue, Chris and Carol Parsons
£50.00 Mr Chris Parsons19 August 2013 In memory of Phyllis Martingell, good and true friend and loving God parent. Will be sadly missed Don, Betty, Sue, Chris and Carol Parsons
£25.00 Mr Colin Hoy14 August 2013
£100.00 Mr Peter Ryan07 August 2013
£50.00 Mrs Jenifer M Hurlock06 August 2013 Dearest Eileen, You are in our hearts and thoughts may you rest in Peace. Jeni & Eric with our love
£90.00 Ms Claire Dodd05 August 2013 In memory of Maureen Riach from her friends at the Newhaven Book Group
£10.00 Mrs Pamela Cole22 July 2013
£341.00 Mr Lee Judson15 July 2013 In memory of Pauline Edna Judson who died on 30 April 2013. Gifts given at her funeral.
Joanne Latham30 June 2013 Tomorrow I say my final goodbye to a brave beautiful friend. Too young and so much living still to do, taken away so quickly. Sleep soundly Kirsten xxx
£50.00 Mrs Joanne Latham30 June 2013 In memory of my brave beautiful friend Kirsten. Taken so young, with so much life yet to live. Sleep soundly xxxx
£25.00 Mr Michael Wilson28 June 2013 In memory of Elizabeth June Roe who died 15 June 2013 Mike and Gill Wilson
£50.00 Mrs Denise Roylance20 June 2013 It's been 16 years since we lost Margaret to breast cancer. We have always put an acknowledgement in our local paper on her anniversary. This year we decided to donate the money to the breast cancer campaign.
£150.00 Mrs Celia Smith10 June 2013 Donations made at Holiday & Dance events for Breast Cancer Care 'Dancer' Lapel Pins, in memory of our good friend Dorina Alway, a dedicated voluntary helper for over 25 years.
£150.00 Mr Michael Irving31 May 2013
£10.00 Mrs Lauren Ironside28 May 2013
£150.00 Mrs Margaret Whymark15 May 2013 In loving memory of a dear brother, uncle, friend and neighbour. Love you lots Bern, miss you loads and our custards tarts. Little sis, Margaretxx
£1.00 Mrs Susan Brailey09 May 2013
£25.00 Mrs sandra pledger16 April 2013 In memory of Mary Bonner who was a very brave and coragous lady and I was so pleased to have known her. A sad loss to her loved ones who are left behind but heaven has gained an angel.
£30.00 Mrs Wendy Ollerenshaw12 April 2013 In loving memory of Mary Bonner. Auntie Barbara, Wendy & John
£25.00 Mr Michael France12 April 2013 In loving memory of Mary Bonner, Cliffe from Sandra Mick Alex and Paul
£10.00 Mrs Laura Farrelly12 April 2013 In memory of Mary Bonner A lovely lady who fought a long battle. Rest in peace x Laura Farrelly and Family xx
£40.00 Mrs Shirley Boakes11 April 2013 In loving memory of our dear sister, and Aunty, Mrs Mary Bonner, who will be greatly missed. Love from Shirley, Gordon, Deb Russ and Irene
£10.00 Mrs Sheila Small09 April 2013 In memory of my Auntie Bobbie.
£10.00 Ms Tracey Thompson28 March 2013 In memory of my friend Carols mum, Catherine Cavanagh. A brave strong lady x
£50.00 Mr Anthony Wood19 March 2013 In loving memory of our dear cousins Maureen Ella & Frederick William Ward, they will never be forgotten.
£425.00 Mr Neil Goodwin12 March 2013
£50.00 Ms Angharad Parry09 March 2013 On Mother's Day, in memory of my Mum, Pauline. I wish you could be here to see me become a Mum myself this year. With love always Angharad
£50.00 Mrs Margaret MacFadyen06 March 2013 Precious memories of our dear friend Margaret Harrison. Her radiant smile and loving ways will remain in our hearts forever. Margaret & Donnie NZ
£50.00 Miss Fiona MacFadyen05 March 2013 In memory of Margaret Harrison (Bearsden, Glasgow), a dear and graceful lady who radiated such warmth and kindness to all. Thoughts are with Reid, Richard & Stephen. Fiona MacF (NZ) x
£10.00 Miss Rosalind Ogden03 March 2013 In memory of Mrs (Margaret) Harrison - a wonderful teacher, always smiling. Fond memories always. Rosalind
£100.00 Mrs JANE GARDNER28 February 2013 In memory of Diana (Chubby) Trinder who was so looking forward to taking part in the cycle across India before being diagnosed with cancer. A generous and fun-loving friend and neighbour who will be sadly missed. Jane, Roger, Simon and Matt Gardner
£100.00 Mrs Helen LASEK25 February 2013 In memory of Mel Taylor, mother of Ellie and Liss, I never met you, clearly deeply loved and respected. Love from all the Lasek's. Rest in Peace x
£10.00 Mrs Helen Cronin23 February 2013 In memory of Joan Costello ,god bless.
£50.00 Mr Paul Phillips22 February 2013 Remembering Tracey McNamara with affection. We will miss you Nicky & Paul
£100.00 Mr Richard Rowley19 February 2013
£100.00 Mr Gary Holyoake19 February 2013 In loving memory of my sister, Tracey McNamara (nee Holyoake) who sadly lost her fight on Monday 11th February. Aged 53 (1959-2013)
£10.00 Ms Julie Lonsdale17 February 2013
£100.00 Mrs Constance Ferguson14 February 2013 In memory of Anne McGhee the funniest kindest friend you could wish for Love ConnIe
£500.00 Mrs Claire Leybourne30 January 2013 In loving memory of a very special lady Margaret Dixon. A wonderful wife, mam, nana, sister, aunt and friend to many. Missed by all your lumps of gold. God Bless. xxxxxxxx
£50.00 Ms yoke kuan lam28 January 2013 Ms yoke kuan lam has donated £50.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Miss Sarah Holmes25 January 2013
£30.00 Mrs Susan Brown18 January 2013
£25.00 Miss Cherith Porter29 December 2012 In Memory of my special, loving Mom Marilyn Joy Porter. Love you and miss you as always. Love you Cherith
£52.00 Miss Susannah Hepworth27 December 2012
£50.00 Mrs Colleen Davidson27 December 2012
£25.00 Ms Tracey Jarman21 December 2012
£500.00 Mr douglas mcghee20 December 2012 In loving memory of Anne McGhee, 3rd December 1955 - 10th December 2012. Anne was a beautiful person, clever, caring and funny. She will be sorely missed by her family and friends, many thanks to all who donated.
£127.00 Mr Peter Collier20 December 2012 Funeral collection in memory of Sheridan Louise Collier (nee Groves) and split between Katherine House Hospice and Breast Cancer Care.
£30.00 Mr Stephen Frogley19 December 2012
£25.00 Mr david rawling17 December 2012 Yvonne Rawling (6/6/62 - 20/9/2011) Beloved wife of David, and mother to Emma & Heidi. You fought until the end, and left us to remember your dignity, smile and courage. words cannot express our loss but the tears we shed tell their tale. Sleep tight in Heaven our bright star. xxxxx
£5.00 Miss Janet Moxham16 December 2012 With fond memories of dear Martin (Palmer) who passed away on 24.11.12 from your cousin Janet.
£90.00 Ms Margaret Enstone15 December 2012 My sisters and I would like to donate to Breast Cancer Care in memory of our mother who passed away on 23rd December 2012. This was one of her favoured charities after she and I both successfully battled breast cancer.
£100.00 Mr Colin Cormack12 November 2012 This donation is given collectively by the mourners of Gladys Muriel Cormack (nee Higgins) who passed away 26/10/2012 at Neville Williams House, Selly Park, Birmingham.
£25.00 Mrs Lorna van Zee08 November 2012 In memory of a beautiful person, Christine. x
£25.00 Mrs Annette Perkins05 November 2012 With fond memories of Doreen Stratton who sadly passed away in October 2012. Much love Keith, Annette, Alex and Greg xxxx
£10.00 Mrs Grace Blackman01 November 2012 In memory of Sandra Cranham. Rest In Peace XX
£50.00 Mrs Amanda Field01 November 2012 In memory of a truly wonderful friend, the best you could ever wish for, Margaret Birkett - sleep well in heaven. Mandy Field xxx
£25.00 Mrs VALERIE BROCK22 October 2012
£25.00 Mrs VALERIE BROCK22 October 2012
£25.00 Mrs Marina Sharma02 October 2012 In Memory of My Dear MUM>>>> 26.09.2009<<<< She fought and she never gave up...but it was too late....
£25.00 Mr Graham Jones18 September 2012 In memory of my lovely wife Pam who gave me 36 wonderful years and two fabulous daughters. You packed more into the last four years than many do in a lifetime. All my love. Graham
£50.00 Mrs Angela Macfarlane11 September 2012 for Andy and June's wedding day, in memory of his wonderful mum, Marie Pearman. Now an angel in heaven watching over her two sons forever.
£2,150.00 Mr Graham Vernon27 August 2012
£300.00 Mr James Denholm14 August 2012
£25.00 Mrs Elise fleetwood27 July 2012 in loving memory to a very special lady .. donated through David and Sallys wedding hope your day is as special as you two love you loads xxxx love Elise Nigel and Jay xxxx
£25.00 Mrs Lynda Middleton25 July 2012 for Sally & David's wedding day
£10.00 Mrs Suzanne Parry19 July 2012
£90.00 Miss Claire Williams23 June 2012 From the friends and colleagues of Mark, in memory of his beloved mother, Joyce Cecilia Norton xxx
£50.00 Ms Jeannie Farr16 June 2012
£50.00 Mrs Eunice Harris08 June 2012 Mary Ostojic Taylor - after a long and courageous battle Mary had to leave us in May 2012. A tragic loss to all her family and friends. A true life-long friend, gone, but never forgotten. Eunice xx
£0.01 Miss Leslie Gold28 May 2012
£50.00 Dr joanna wallbank25 May 2012
£25.00 Mrs julie Wakley18 May 2012 In memory of a dearest friend, Sara (Bailey/Cummings) who died on May 5th 2012. Happy memories & fondest love for a truly wonderful friend. Julie Wakley
£10.00 Mrs Audrey Tinling09 May 2012
£140.00 Mrs Lynn Marsden01 May 2012 In memory of a much loved Mum, relative and friend, Jean Kelly, always in our thoughts, Lynn, Shelagh and David.
£10.00 Mrs L D Payne 24 April 2012
£0.50 Mr Mitul Sudra22 April 2012
£25.00 Mrs Angela Stockley19 April 2012 In memory of my darling niece Joyce Cooper who was loved by all and fought her illness so bravely. We will all miss her so much. Pamela Judge
£30.00 Mrs Caroline Reynolds18 April 2012
£50.00 Mr Magnus Geber17 April 2012
£20.00 Miss Eleanor Falcon05 April 2012 In memory of Margaret Mitchell on the occasion of her daughter Leanne's wedding. With love.
£25.00 Miss Geraldine Lewis02 April 2012 For the fabulous Fiona, with much love. Gx
£30.00 Mrs osen akkemik29 March 2012
£25.00 Mr Vic Fairley26 March 2012
£50.00 Miss Angharad Parry20 March 2012 In memory of my Mum, Pauline Parry, and in honour of both Mother's Day and her birthday. She is missed everyday, but especially at this time of year and this year as I will be getting married. I wish she could have known Martin, and pray that she is keeping an eye on us and all the happy developments! Angharad
£100.00 Mr Roger Eve08 March 2012 With lovimg memories of a wonderful courageous lady - cousin Linda Blyth Your "american" relatives
£25.00 Mrs Jane Playfair29 February 2012 I'm leaving this donation in memory of my lovely Auntie Hazel, who was sadly taken from us on Valentine's Day 2012. The world is a less happy place for her passing, but I know we will meet again. Love you Hazel. Jane, Gary, Frankie and Remi xxxx
£792.40 Mr Michael Watts28 February 2012
£50.00 Mrs Jane Robb20 February 2012
£100.00 Mrs Penelope Shrives20 February 2012 To my dear friend Sue (Newton-Roberts), I know you are only resting Sue but I am going to miss you so terribly. Love Penny & Craig xx
£15.00 Mr JOE FISCHR14 February 2012 In memory of George Robert Sudders may your soul rest in peace.You will be missed by everyone especially your daughter Tina Smith
£250.00 Mrs Jane Wilmer11 February 2012 We were blessed to have known a wonderful colleague.As long as life and memory last we will remember Caroline Bevan.
£25.00 Mrs christina cox11 February 2012
£25.00 Mrs Yvonne Carter09 February 2012 In memory of Karen Leahy who lost her battle February 8th 2012.
£50.00 Mrs Clare Rayner09 February 2012
£25.00 Mrs Sara Stewart03 February 2012 In memory of Barbara Frost to celebrate the Wedding of her Daughter Jo to Mark with love Sara, Elaine and Ian x
£10.00 Mrs Anne Wetherall02 February 2012 In memory of Tracy Balasingham, always remembered. xxx
£10.00 Mrs Miranda Horsley27 January 2012 In memory of Margaret Jones, a brave lady who fought so very hard. With our greatest respect, Mandy and Terry
£25.00 Ms alison beedie24 January 2012 In loving memory of Tracy Balasingham
£60.00 Dr Shobhna Chauhan19 January 2012 In memory of our fantastic hygenist Elaine Hardy. R.I.P We will miss you dearly. With love Shobhna, Tariq and Owain xxx
£100.00 Mrs Christine Negus19 January 2012 In memory of Eileen Warner (nee Negus) a greatly loved sister sister-in-law auntie and great aunt. Joe Chris Mandy Bec Jon Georgie and families. We miss you. xx
£10.00 Mr Michael Nankivell14 January 2012
£100.00 Mrs Joanna Highton11 January 2012
£100.00 Miss Helen Tebay06 January 2012
£10.00 Mr Murray Lindo16 December 2011
£0.01 Ms Catherine McCrohan01 December 2011 In loving memory of Josie - we miss you greatly. x
£10.00 Ms Catherine McCrohan01 December 2011
£1.00 Mr Mitul Sudra01 December 2011

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Debbie Sloan has raised £1,590.00 so far In loving memory of my beautiful wife and mum to Adam & Lewis. Debbie called us her boys we are proud to say we will always be and will miss her warmth and love forever. Next weekend the 4th/5th July I will be walking the 20 mile pink ribbon walk around London at night. Also we will be running a team of family and friends at the Windsor Half Marathon on the 27th Sept 2015 the day before my wifes 54 birthday. Love as always and forever Ronnie More
Ros Condon has raised £3,225.59 so far 24/12/1948 - 24/09/2003

My Mum was the most fun, warm and kind-hearted person you could meet and I was lucky enough to have her in my life for 19 years. She was and still is very loved by us all and is so missed everyday.
I have managed to bully and guilt 20+ willing victims into taking part in a gruelling mud obstacle run with me on 16th May this year. I've set up this page to collect the sponsorship money we raise in her memory.
Thank you in advance for your donation to such a great charity.
Wish us luck.

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