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In Memory of Jane Eggleston

23/1/1969 - 18/2/2014
Breast Cancer Care were our safety net. Throughout Jane's illness, they gave us invaluable information and advice. Above all, they support Debbie Enser and the other Breast Cancer nurses at Warwick Hospital, who were the most incredible source of strength for my beautiful wife. Thank you all, so much.
£50.00 Ms sarah eggleston18 February 2015
£100.00 Ms Susan Dunn18 February 2015
£10.00 Mrs Georgina Southey18 February 2015 With love and prayers to a wonderful lady and her amazing family on this day
£100.00 Miss Lisa Condron18 February 2015 Can't believe its a year. Best tribute I can think of to donate xx
£25.00 Mrs Dariela Roffe24 December 2014
£30.00 Ms Mary Evans24 December 2014 Hi Jane, I'm so sorry we never met and I hope you are sleeping peacefully - you deserve the rest. Please know that your beautiful family is surrounded by a handmade quilt (fairtrade) of huge love and we're all watching over them, like you. This is a donation from your daughter, who is clearly a tribute to your beautiful soul - much love my friend and see you one day. Happy Christmas, Mx
£30.00 Mr Martin Eggleston23 December 2014 Amy, your beautiful daughter has just opened her piggybank and asked me to give the £30 she has saved since you died to Breast Cancer Care. I'm in bits.
£50.00 Mr Martin Eggleston08 December 2014 You were always better at writing Christmas Cards my love....
£6,110.00 Lisa Condron08 December 2014 Money raised from Royal Parks Half Marathon in memory of Jane
£1,932.70 Martin Eggleston08 December 2014 Donations from family and friends at Jane's funeral
Martin Eggleston08 December 2014 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z45WHVSVrX4&feature=youtu.be

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Lisa Condron 8 December 2014
Martin Eggleston 8 December 2014
Ms Susan Dunn 18 February 2015
Miss Lisa Condron 18 February 2015
Ms sarah eggleston 18 February 2015

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