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In Memory of Janice Owen

Mum fought breast cancer for 5 long years, this is a disease that has affected many women in our family, and if we can give any donation possible to help other families facing similar circumstances, it will be a tribute to mums memory. She always thought of others before herself so this is our lasting tribute..
£25.00 Miss Sarah Hodge-Owen10 March 2017 Happy Birthday Mum I hope the angels are singing for you today
£50.00 Miss Sarah Hodge-Owen14 December 2016 In Memory of Janice Owen, 2 yrs January always in our hearts!! Missed all year but especially at Christmas xxx
£250.00 Miss Sarah Hodge-Owen14 March 2016 Miss Sarah Hodge-Owen has donated £250.00 to your appeal

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Miss Sarah Hodge-Owen 14 March 2016
Miss Sarah Hodge-Owen 14 December 2016
Miss Sarah Hodge-Owen 10 March 2017

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