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In Memory of Jennifer Davidson

In loving memory of Jen Davidson, my lovely wife and pal. 

Jen discovered that while curing cancer is important, equally important is the support people need on what can be a long and hard journey. Help Breast Cancer Care to make the journey easier.

£380.00 Allain McLeish08 August 2018 Raised by the Norwex team in memory of Jen
£50.00 Mrs Vicki Overton 27 April 2018 Mrs Vicki Overton has donated £50.00 to your appeal
£870.00 Gordon Davidson13 April 2018 Donations collected at Jen's funeral
£100.00 Mr Matthew Davidson08 April 2018 Mr Matthew Davidson has donated £100.00 to your appeal
£80.00 Mrs Angela Moore08 April 2018 Remembering a lovely lady, rest in peace Jennifer.
£50.00 Mrs Margaret Waterston 31 March 2018 Rest in Peace x
£25.00 Mrs Susan Simpson29 March 2018 Mrs Susan Simpson has donated £25.00 to your appeal
£100.00 Mrs Jennifer Blake29 March 2018 Rest in peace Jen. Taken from us way too early. Miss you.
£10.00 Dr Robin Gutteridge29 March 2018 Dr Robin Gutteridge has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£25.00 Ms Jacqueline Morgan29 March 2018 Ms Jacqueline Morgan has donated £25.00 to your appeal

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Gordon Davidson 13 April 2018
Allain McLeish 8 August 2018
Mr Matthew Davidson 8 April 2018
Mrs Jennifer Blake 29 March 2018
Mrs Angela Moore 8 April 2018

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