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In Memory of Joanna Thompson

03/05/1981 - 04/05/2014
Joanna was a loving wife, daughter, sister, niece, friend and teacher. She put up the biggest fight we have ever seen but sadly passed away on May 4th 2014.

Joanna had an amazing ability of making everyone feel special. Each and every person who ever met her instantly fell in love with her gorgeous smile and her warm loving heart. There will be an aching hole in many people lives now she is gone, but luckily we all have the most beautiful memories of fun, laughter and silliness to fill it.

She truly was the most special person, and we all thank our lucky stars that she was such a big part of our lives. RIP Joanna, heaven truly has gained a real life angel xxx

£10.00 Mrs Vickie Campton26 December 2018 Mrs Vickie Campton has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Ms Katie Kaczmarek26 December 2018 Happy Christmas gorgeous girl, love Katie, Dexter and Xander x
£20.00 Ms Katie Kaczmarek21 December 2017 Miss you gorgeous girl, thinking of you at this special time of year, Katie, Dexter and Xander xxx
£10.00 Mrs Vickie Campton21 December 2017 Mrs Vickie Campton has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£20.00 Ms Katie Kaczmarek11 May 2017 Happy belated birthday lovely jo jo, all our love as always, katie, dexter and xander xxxx
£20.00 Ms Carol Turner23 February 2017 Joanna was my primary school teacher for one year. Myself and my classmates have very fond memories of Joanna, she was truly incredible. This donation is from myself and my parents who were also extremely fond of her.
£20.00 Miss Rebecca Parangi18 December 2016 Instead of sending Christmas cards. I miss you everyday xx
£10.00 Mrs vickie campton08 December 2016 Mrs vickie campton has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£100.00 Mrs Veronica Edmonds07 December 2016 Again this year, instead of sending cards, we make this donation in memory of our darling Joanna who we miss like crazy, especially at this time of year. Love you, our angel.nxxxx
£5.00 Ms Teresa Dearn30 November 2016 Ms Teresa Dearn has donated £5.00 to your appeal
£20.00 Mrs Katie Kaczmarek03 May 2016 Happy birthday beautiful lady, miss you every day and could really use some of your positivity right now. Love you xxx
£100.00 Mrs Veronica Edmonds02 May 2016 Mrs Veronica Edmonds has donated £100.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Miss Carrie Dearn28 April 2016 For someone inspiring xx
£10.00 Mrs Laura Hayne18 December 2015 Mrs Laura Hayne has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£20.00 Miss Rebecca Parangi17 December 2015 Instead of Christmas cards. Miss you everyday XxX
£25.00 Ms Lucy Evans17 December 2015 Merry Christmas Joanna, wherever your star is shining. With much love, Lucy and Richard xx
£25.00 Mrs Lisa Solomons16 December 2015 Merry Xmas my beautiful girl. I miss you incredibly, each & every day. Let's keep this page alive to ensure others can benefit from the care & treatment they need. Love you always Joey. Xxxx
£20.00 Mrs Katie Kaczmarek16 December 2015 In the words of Mariah Carey.... All I want for Christmas is you xxxx
£20.00 Mrs Sarah Edmonds16 December 2015 Christmas time is not the same without your smile & laughter. We feel luckily to have so many amazing memories of spending this time of year with you. We miss you everyday & make this donation in your memory instead of sending Christmas cards this year. Love you & miss you always, Sarah & James xxx
£50.00 Mrs Veronica Edmonds30 November 2015 We still miss you so much darling Joanna, and think of you a thousand times a day. We donate this money instead of sending Christmas cards. Our world is a sadder place without you. Sleep tight darling girl. Love Mum and Dad.
£40.00 Miss Rebecca Parangi17 October 2015 For my beautiful coat that will give me a 'Jo hug' whenever I wear it. Miss you every day xxx
£50.00 Mrs Veronica Edmonds03 May 2015 Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl. Love you forever. Xxxx
£25.00 Mrs Katie Kaczmarek03 May 2015 Miss you everyday lovely lady, wish you could have met xander and chattered your teeth at him. I love that beautiful sunny days remind me of you. We'll be drinking some champers in your honour today, love you so much BL, phil, Dexter an xander xxxx
£286.00 Mrs Diana Thompson13 January 2015 I made and sold mince pies for Christmas and raised £286.00 in memory of Joanna, our beloved daughter-in-law. We missed her 'sparkle' this Christmas, as we do every day.
£25.00 Miss Rebecca Parangi27 December 2014 Instead of Christmas cards this year. Miss you every day xx
£50.00 Mr Tim McGough17 June 2014 A truly beautiful lady in so many respects
£110.00 Ms Karina Knowles12 June 2014 Dear Joanna, we sang for you on 1st June and raised all this money! I hope you heard :) Thank you for your friendship. You were and always will be a true inspiration in difficult times. You'll be in my heart xxx
£50.00 Mr Marc Ryan09 June 2014 Jo was one the best. Sofia and I have so many great memories of the times we spent with Jo. She was always so happy, positive, inspirational and warm to everyone she met She will remain in our hearts forever. Our thoughts are with Andy and Jo's family. All our love from Marc, Sofia, Lola and Jack xx
£50.00 Mrs Gemma Goldsmith01 June 2014 Gorgeous girl, so loving, kind and thoughtful. We'll miss you always. Gemma, David & Georgia xx
£25.00 Mrs Jane Robinson30 May 2014 With all our love, lovely girl xxx
£25.00 Miss Hannah Fleetwood29 May 2014
£25.00 Miss Bronwen Ferber28 May 2014 Missing you so much Jo. Happy that every memory I have of you, you are smiling or laughing. An amazing person, a great friend xxxx
£40.00 Mr Charles Cox28 May 2014 Such a sad loss, but a true inspiration to all... Forever in our thoughts x x
£50.00 Miss Lizie Riordan27 May 2014 With love xxx
Katie Kaczmarek27 May 2014 I know a few people are having problems leaving messages. If you would like to leave a message with your donation please tick the send to memory book option when donating. If you have already donated and really wanted to add a comment against your donation you can contact the breast cancer care and they will be ahppy to help.
£10.00 Mrs Julua Elliot27 May 2014
£25.00 Mrs Pamela Wilkins26 May 2014
£25.00 Mrs Patricia Mounce25 May 2014 RIP Joanna
£50.00 Mrs Lisa Solomons25 May 2014
£20.00 Miss Sarah Mounce24 May 2014
£250.00 Mrs Veronica Edmonds24 May 2014 Our beautiful girl, Joanna, you leave a huge hole in our hearts and lives, that can never be filled, not would we want that. Love you always, all ways, Mum and Dad
£25.00 Miss Hannah Poulton24 May 2014
£50.00 Mr Keith Brand23 May 2014
£125.00 Mrs Samantha Boyce23 May 2014 'If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever.' (A.A.Milne). That's where we keep you, Gorgeous Girl. Always. Ratti, Boycee & Pennie. xxx
£25.00 Mrs Dee Firth23 May 2014
£25.00 Ms Charlotte Falconer23 May 2014 We're so terribly sad about the loss of beautiful Joanna - the world is a distinctly poorer place without her lighting it up Charlotte and Chris xx
£50.00 Mrs Laura Marten22 May 2014 Gorgeous girl, we cannot believe you have gone and miss you so much. We have our memories of all the fun times we shared together and these will live with us forever. All our Love, Laura & Sean xx
£20.00 Miss Faith Mair22 May 2014
£30.00 Mr Leigh Smith22 May 2014
£50.00 Miss Sarah Phippard22 May 2014 Beautiful girl, I know that you would want to raise as much money as possible to help others suffering with breast cancer to have the same amazing treatment & care that was given to you.
£25.00 Miss Vicky Madden22 May 2014
£25.00 Mrs Brenda Dearn22 May 2014
£50.00 Mrs Claire Davis22 May 2014 Sweet girl, a day won't go by where you are not in our thoughts and in our heart. You touched so many lives and your spirit will live on forever. All our love, Claire & Leon x
£50.00 Mrs meleri edwards22 May 2014
£10.00 Mrs Natalie Ismail21 May 2014
£25.00 Ms Ruth tillson21 May 2014
£30.00 Miss Rebecca Parangi21 May 2014
£50.00 Mr Chris Dickens21 May 2014
£10.00 Miss Letitia Burtenshaw21 May 2014
£25.00 Mr francis Hayter21 May 2014
£40.00 Mr Jim and Lynda Bowen21 May 2014
£25.00 Mrs Lilyma Serra-Thapa21 May 2014 Rest In Peace beautiful Jo, I wish I'd known you longer and better but am blessed I met you at all. I am a nurse and have changed the way and frequency I offer breast awareness advice because of you, that means one day you may save lives xxx
£40.00 Mrs Katie Crighton21 May 2014
£25.00 Mrs Angela Whippy21 May 2014
£20.00 Miss Lydia Szymczyk21 May 2014
£25.00 Miss Teresa Dearn21 May 2014 What a truly wonderful girl who will be greatly missed by many x x
£20.00 Mrs Anikka Burton21 May 2014 Dearest Jo, I can't believe you're gone. It was such a pleasure to get to know you and spend time in your bubbly company - whether giggling on the chemo ward or plying you with so much champagne that you puked all over Andy's car...! I will miss you. xxx
£25.00 Mrs Julie Elliott21 May 2014 You are a true inspiration Joanna, you will always in my thoughts. Sending you all my love xxx
£50.00 Mrs Katie Kaczmarek21 May 2014 Joanna our gorgeous girl, we love you to pieces. You truly make me want to be a better person. We'll miss you every day, sleep tight sweet girl, all our love Katie and Phil xxxx. Dexter sends big cuddles and chatters his teeth together saying jo jo xxx

Fundraising in memory of Joanna Thompson

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Leon's Last Marathon has raised £1,300.00 so far

On the 9th April 2017 I am running the Brighton Marathon with my dear friend Andy Thompson, we hope to complete the course in under 3 hours and 30 mins. This is in memory of his amazing wife and our dearest friend Joanna Thompson who sadly died from breast cancer at the age of 33 in 2014. Joanna was an incredibly happy, beautiful and loving person who is missed every day and your support to our cause means so much to us we are truly grateful, thank you! X

Andy Thompson has raised £6,257.20 so far On the 9th April 2017 I am running the Brighton Marathon with my friend Leon Davis. We are trying to run this in 3 hours and 30 mins. This is In memory of my beautiful wife-Joanna Thompson-who sadly died from breast cancer at the age of 33 in 2014. Joanna was an amazing girl and is so greatly missed by all who knew and loved her. More
Rebecca Parangi - Colour Run has raised £425.00 so far 2 years ago, Joanna and I were due to run this race together but sadly we had lost our gorgeous girl in the May. With a heavy heart, I ran the race without Joanna and had a smile on my face as I crossed the line, thinking of our girl.
This year, Kate, Bronwen and myself (who have all known Joanna since our teenage years at WHSmith) will be running again and I wanted to take the opportunity to fundraise again in Joanna's name. Please give whatever you can to an incredibly vital and ongoing cause. Thank you. X
Joanna Thompson Raised: £10708.20 Target: £1000.00

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