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In Memory of Joanne Heeley

02/11/1972 - 11/01/2012
Joanne Heeley
(02/11/1972 - 11/01/2012 - Aged 39 years)

Joanne Heeley was a wife, daughter and sister. She was a friend to so many. Even more spectacular was how many people she touched just by doing what she loved to do, which was playing music.

Through her 18 year career Jo touched so many peoples lives with her wild fire spirit and a talent that was hard pressed to be matched.
She has played in front of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and has released albums with various bands which have sold across the globe!

Tragically just as Jo was beginning to blossom into her career she was taken by what we all know to be a wicked disease. This particular type of breast cancer (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) is known to be one of the most aggressive, particularly in younger women. And in her last few months Jo wanted so badly to educate those around her to this scarily rare type of cancer in hopes that more research will be put into it and that a cure might one day be found.

She had a beautiful spirit that can never be remade and a gorgeous personality that will never be forgotten.

Please donate to the Lavender Trust, specializing in supporting young women with cancer. And in memory of Jo, let's work together to learn as much as we can and educate those around us. It's true that they say Knowledge is the Key.

Thank you!
Erin Bennett
(Wife and fellow band member.)
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