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In Memory of Linda Brown

21.02.1950 - 23.01.2015
In tribute and loving memory of our beautiful Mum lovely Linda, fondly known as Ickle Mums and Muma, a truly incredible lady with the most generous, loving spirit who is desperately missed and forever in our hearts and thoughts.

Mum is without doubt our personal hero and greatest inspiration; our greatest fan who always encouraged us to pursue our dreams and who was always there at the front clapping the loudest! With her unwavering support, we were able to achieve so much and know that she will always be by our side.

Mum really was a very special lady with so many admirable qualities, selfless to a fault, fun and endlessly generous, she brightened the lives of all she met with her friendly and caring nature. Always giving a smile or helping hand, she had a wonderful ability to make people feel instantly loved and part of the family, always taking an interest in others but rarely talking about herself. She had the most generous spirit, never asking for much but always giving all that she had. She was always charitable and could never pass a homeless person on the street without talking to them and giving them some money and was a regular donor to many other charities.

She was also the bravest person we have ever known and we are so very proud of the tremendous strength and dignity she showed throughout her cruel illness; when there was hope she embraced it and when things took a turn for the worse she accepted it with such grace and strength. She never complained about the pain she was in or questioned “Why Me”.

The support and information that Mum received from Breast Cancer Care was invaluable, especially the opportunity to speak to someone directly who had first hand experience of breast cancer. This unique opportunity enabled Mum to discuss her feelings, fears and concerns with someone who could fully relate and understand. It also gave Mum the chance to offload some of the emotions and questions that were constantly running through her mind but she so selflessly tried to keep at bay and shield us from. Any money that we can raise that will help ensure that the same support, care and hope is available to others facing the turmoil of this cruel life-threatening illness, will be fantastic and a wonderful tribute to a truly special lady and devoted Mum, who will always be remembered with gratitude and the deepest love.
£30.00 Miss Louise Golding07 February 2016 What a wonderful taste in shoes I feel like Cinderella Thank you, Lou x
£60.00 Mrs Amie Willcocks13 October 2015 Donated with so much love from all the Mad Hatter's who got their pinkies out and enjoyed Cake, Coffee and Chatter in memory of such a special lady last month, too well loved to ever be forgotten, thinking of you always XXXXXXXXXXX

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Mrs Amie Willcocks 13 October 2015
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