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In Memory of Maria Williamson

23/02/1961 to 28/11/2012
My mother was a wonderful and truly inspirational woman, not just to me but to everyone lucky enough to have met and known her. This is a charity very close to my heart as they not only gave my Mum support through tough times, but also some fantastic opportunities to help raise money from Celebrity dinners to her being photographed for magazines, dubbed the ‘Strawberry Tea Queen’ for her record breaking tea party fundraisers. So many are affected by breast cancer, in one way or another, so myself and her friends would like to play a small part in trying to help people out there who are going through their treatment, or getting back on their feet, through the Charities hard work.
£1,371.85 Denise Hogan30 August 2013 For six years, my dear friend Maria Williamson organised Strawberry Tea parties at her house - they became very popular. It seemed to be the one event of the year all our friends could keep the date free, so we just couldn't let her Strawberry Tea go by this year! Almost 60 ladies came along who were so generous with offers of help, bringing raffle prizes, home made strawberry bunting, baked cakes… everyone was happy to get together to remember Maria. She was only 51 when she died so I decided it would be lovely to let 51 pink balloons fly on the evening. The ladies took their balloon and with a private thought let the balloons drift into the sky, it was a poignant moment, a tribute to a truly wonderful lady. The evening raised £1,371 and friends and family have promised to host a Strawberry Tea in her memory for years to come
£7,572.05 Maira Willaimson's fundraising15 August 2013 Maria held a Strawberry tea every year from 2007 until 2012. She also supported other Breast Cancer Care events and inspired others to fundraise.
£23,915.53 The Pink Ball15 August 2013 The Pink Ball was organised by Maria, Denise Lynn and Donna in 2007
£2,125.78 Claire Dyche07 August 2013 To my wonderful friend, I done it ! I got my courage from you, I know you were with me all the way. I Love and Miss you millions, Claire xxx
£8,408.64 Rugby Event09 July 2013 Money raised in memory of Maria at a Rugby Event organised by her son David on 24 April 2013
£2,529.50 Family and friends of Maria09 July 2013 Gifts given at her funeral

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The Pink Ball 15 August 2013
Rugby Event 9 July 2013
Maira Willaimson's fundraising 15 August 2013
Family and friends of Maria 9 July 2013
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