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In Memory of Rebecca Chakraborty

A mischievous, funny and outgoing girl, Rebecca Chakraborty fought an extraordinarily brave battle with cancer. She was strong, optimistic, determined and selfless to the end. Rebecca Chakraborty had a wicked sense of humour, a zest for life and enormous love for her family and friends. Most of all, she loved her two boys; they were her day and night, the centre of her life. Her passion for colour, style and generosity will live on in our memories. Although we have lost Rebecca, we will always cherish our memories of her.

Breast cancer took her from us and we ask you to join us in remembering her by raising funds for Breast Cancer Care to mark her death anniversary.

£15.00 Rekha Banerji04 December 2018 Further donations in memory of Rebecca from November 6th
£10.00 Rekha Banerji04 December 2018 Donation from Sridhar Medichetty
£407.00 Rekha Banerji23 November 2018 Funds raised at the open day to remember Rebecca on the 2nd anniversary of her death.
£10.00 Ms Sarbjeet Kaur Sidhu06 November 2018 Ms Sarbjeet Kaur Sidhu has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Mrs Suzanne Clark06 November 2018 Thinking of Becky-so many special memories x
£10.00 Dr Alison Hollingsworth 06 November 2018 Thinking of you, Becky. xx
£25.00 Mrs Arpita Banerjee05 November 2018 Thinking of you Rebecca.
£1.00 Mrs Nancy Everson19 September 2018 In memory of Rebecca
£702.00 Mrs Rekha Banerji19 September 2018 Raise in November 2017 - Celebration of life ceremony in loving memory of Rebecca
£100.00 Mrs Rekha Banerji19 September 2018 Love you and miss you, my darling baby.
£1.00 Mr Adam Popeck19 September 2018 Mr Adam Popeck has donated £1.00 to your appeal

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Mrs Rekha Banerji 19 September 2018
Rekha Banerji 23 November 2018
Mrs Rekha Banerji 19 September 2018
Mrs Arpita Banerjee 5 November 2018
Rekha Banerji 4 December 2018

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