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In Memory of Stephanie Brough

08 Jan 1965 to 14 Oct 2013
My beautiful wife Stephanie lived with cancer for ten years. She lived every day thinking about others and how her illness affected them. She is the most courageous and wonderful person I have ever known and was a fantastic wife, mother and best friend.
£265.00 Mr Gary Brough22 December 2018 From Gary, Matt, Tom, Steph, Ann, Marianne, Grant, Konna and Rayanne. Remembering Stephanie at this special time.
£450.00 Mr Gary Brough01 January 2018 Always in our thoughts ... donation from Ann and her friends.
£375.00 Mr Gary Brough10 September 2017 Collection from my recent wedding to Michelle and donated by all our wonderful friends. We have also donated the same amount to St Barnabas Hospice at Home who cared for Michelle's mum Lee.
£400.00 Mr Gary Brough23 January 2017 Thanks to The Salvation Army Clowne Brigade (led by Major Elaine and Major Mark) together with the children from the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides for the generous donation given to Ann last year. Also to June for topping us up to £400. Steph would have really appreciated your generosity and hard work.
£25.00 Mrs Debbie Wilde09 January 2017 Remembering my lovely friend happy birthday Steph miss you loads lots of love Debbie xxx
£20.00 Mrs M K KNEAFSEY23 December 2016 Just read your wife's touching story and what a lovely lady she was. I am going through similar situation so it really hit a soft spot. Hope you and your sons have a lovely Christmas. X
£400.00 Mr Gary Brough04 September 2016 Mr Gary Brough has donated £400.00 to your appeal
£25.00 Mrs Debbie Wilde08 January 2016 Remembering a lovely friend on her birthday Lots of love Debbie xxx
£750.00 Mr Gary Brough18 October 2015 Thanks to Steph's mum Ann and her friends for raising £700 with a coffee morning, plant sale and daffodil bulb planting. Two years since the world lost a beautiful and wonderful person and we have fittingly reached our initial target, we love you Steph, Gary x
£200.00 Mr Gary Brough21 June 2015 Another wedding anniversary without my sole mate this weekend. I will love you always my beautiful wife. Gary xx
£25.00 Mrs Debbie Wilde08 January 2015 Remembering a dear friend on her birthday. Miss you making me laugh Steph lots of love Debbie xxx
£150.00 Mr Gary Brough26 December 2014 Christmas is a time that Steph loved and her loss is more deeply felt by us all. Family and friends have all missed her more than ever over the last few days. Love you always, Gary, Tom and Matt xxx
£15.00 Ms Janette Cooper06 November 2014
£150.00 Mr Gary Brough13 September 2014 It's a year next month since we lost my beautiful wife and Tom and Matt's fantastic mum. We have had many occasions to smile when remembering her over the last year but the pain of her loss does not go away. We will love her always.
£100.00 Mr Gary Brough21 April 2014 Me and the boys have all had birthdays in the last month. It has been a difficult time without my gorgeous wife and their beautiful mother - we think of her always but these family times are all the more difficult without her.
£120.00 Mr Gary Brough21 April 2014 Collected by Steph's mum Ann and the ladies in her group in Clowne. Thankyou all very much.
£100.00 Mr Gary Brough09 January 2014 Steph's birthday was yesterday, she would have been 49. Love her more each day and miss her beyond measure.
£25.00 Mrs Debbie Wilde08 January 2014 Remembering a dear friend on her birthday. Missing all our chats and lunches out Steph, lots of love xxx Love to Gary Tom and Matt love Debbie xxx
£50.00 Miss Stephanie Boland08 January 2014
Gary Brough19 November 2013 Donation received from Emily, Mark, Jack and Ben Knowles - many thanks
£20.00 Mr Gary Brough19 November 2013
£5.00 Mr Gary Brough07 November 2013
£30.00 Ms Janette Cooper06 November 2013 In remembrance of Steph who was an amazing lovely and strong person, always making us laugh even when she wasn't feeling well. Thinking of you Gary, Tom and Matt and how your unconditional love helped Steph so much. Marianne and her friends have done you proud with all their fund raising and support. Much love always Janette xxx
£50.00 Mr Ian Caplan04 November 2013 Steph was a lovely lady, charming, graceful and sweet. It was a privilege to know her. The way I saw it she bore her illness with dignity, grace, and dare I say it, with style. She was an inspiration to all. My heart goes out to Gary, the boys, and all the extended family.
£1,250.00 Mr Gary Brough31 October 2013 Donated by Steph's wonderful friends at her funeral service

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