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In Memory of Sue Keir

27 Dec 1954 to 14 May 2012
Sue lived her life to the full as a committed Christian, a mother to Emma and Jamie and grandmother to Amy and Ben.

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in February 2003 and then with secondary breast cancer in October 2005 Sue far out lived her 12 to 15 months life expectancy, responding to the diagnosis as a challenge rather than allowing it to have a limiting effect on her life.

She worked tirelessly with the Breast Cancer Care on their Secondary Breast Cancer Task Force and Advisory Group and became involved in the Yorkshire and Leeds Cancer Networks as a patient representative. Her relentless determination to champion the needs of secondary breast cancer patients has had a lasting impact and has contributed to the improved support now available to patients.

Sue a compassionate, caring and loving individual. Her kindness, warmth and passion for life were infectious and she did not allow cancer to get in the way. Her commitment, love and support of her family and others knew no bounds and she was always ready and willing to put others needs before her own.

Her faith radiated through all that she did and was a tremendous source of strength as she battled with cancer.

She passed away peacefully at home on 14 May with Dave by her side.

Sue will be sadly missed by all who knew her.
£500.00 Mrs Emma Sweetman26 July 2012
£25.00 Mr Richard Pike21 June 2012
£100.00 Mrs Eva Keir21 June 2012
£10.00 Mrs Effie-Jane Wallis07 June 2012 Sue Keir was a lovely and gracious lady who contributed much to our user group and she was an inspiration to me. Rest in peace Sue. Love Effie-Jane
£30.00 Mrs Emma Sweetman02 June 2012
£5.00 Miss Jackie Waters01 June 2012
£637.29 Offline donations29 May 2012 Offline donations has donated £637.29 to your appeal
£25.00 Mrs Gill Duffy28 May 2012
£80.00 Dr Galina Velikova25 May 2012
£25.00 Miss Elaine Heckingbottom23 May 2012 Sue was a lovely person and a great friend to me when I first moved down to Southend. Almost like a big sister, she looked after me and helped me to cope with all sorts of things. After my moped accident, she arrived at teh hospital before me, and stayed with me until teh early hours of teh following morning. When i was baptised, she supported me; even when things were tough. Although I haven't seen her for years, I am sad to hear that she has died; but I know that she has gone to a much, much better place. I am praying for her family; but God has gained another angel in Heaven!
£10.00 Mrs Gwen Leach22 May 2012
£50.00 Mrs Christine Murphy22 May 2012
£50.00 Mr Derek Keir21 May 2012
£10.00 Mrs fiona foster20 May 2012
£10.00 Mrs Ky Greenwood19 May 2012 Although I only met you once, your strength and bravery was inspirational and your family are very proud. Sending lots of love and strength to all your family. Rest in Peace Sue, love from Ky & Family xxxx
£50.00 Professor Phil Coates18 May 2012
£15.00 Mrs Hilary Willmer18 May 2012
£50.00 Mrs Beverley Osborne18 May 2012

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