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In Memory of Sue Westmoreland

19/06/58 - 06/05/2017
Sue was was a very special lady, the best Fiancee, Sister, Mum and Nan anyone could ask for. She was also a great friend to many always there whenever anyone needed her and always with a smile on her face. She battled breast cancer for ten years but she never let it beat her, she lived her life to the full and never let it stop her doing what she wanted to do. She was an inspiration to many and will be very much missed.

£30.00 Mrs Joanne Solomon28 May 2017 In memory of a truly inspirational lady,remembered always. R.I.P. Sue love Ray,Jo,Ross,Jack and Charlie xxx
£50.00 Mr R Worsley24 May 2017 Thankyou and God Bless from members and friends of 16th Erith Scout Group
£10.00 Mrs Rosemary Thompson21 May 2017 You were so brave.
£25.00 Mrs Sandra Elbrow18 May 2017 Will always remember your smile
£50.00 Miss PAULINE GITAU17 May 2017 ♥️♥️
£25.00 Mrs Sandra Childs15 May 2017 In memory of a very special lady
£10.00 Ms Yvonne Buckley14 May 2017 God Bless you Sue and Goodnight xxx Love from Murrays Mum - Yvonne Buckley and Gordon Cutler xxx
£20.00 Miss Ashleigh Fitzgerald 14 May 2017 Goodnight & God bless Sue x
£10.00 Mrs Alison Scrivener14 May 2017 Mrs Alison Scrivener has donated £10.00 to your appeal
£10.00 Miss Hollie Thompson14 May 2017 RIP Sue. A very strong and inspirational woman. Thinking of you all x
£50.00 Mrs Lynne Wilson14 May 2017 Never forgotten. Always in our hearts. You fought long and hard now its time to rest. Dave, Sara, April and Faith's strength will continue to do you proud as they take you with them into their future.
£20.00 Miss Ami Froud14 May 2017 May you rest in peace Sue, you will never be forgotten and those fond memories will last forever. Another beautifully bright star in the sky watching over all loved ones, love Ami xxx
£5.00 Mrs Christine Farley14 May 2017 big hugs to you all
£10.00 Miss Katie Spicer14 May 2017 Sue - such a wonderful inspirational woman. Never to be forgotten and forever loved! RIP Sue xxxx Love from Katie Spicer xxx
£10.00 Miss Roxanne Cook-Friar14 May 2017 Miss you Sue. Xx

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Mrs Lynne Wilson 14 May 2017
Miss PAULINE GITAU 17 May 2017
Mr R Worsley 24 May 2017
Mrs Joanne Solomon 28 May 2017
Mrs Sandra Elbrow 18 May 2017

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