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In Memory of Tony Burbridge

29/04/34 - 29/01/14
Tony sadly passed away on 29th January 2014. His funeral will be held on Monday 10th February 2014 at Streatham Park Cemetery at 11.30am. If you would like to make a donation in his memory, we have set up a tribute fund with Breast Cancer Care, a charity very close to Pat's heart.
Pat Burbridge22 October 2016 I loved then I love you now, I know I will always love you , you were my life,till we meet again my Darling,
£50.00 Mrs Patricia Burbridge10 February 2016 You left a legacy that lives on TONY, and it will live on in the donations made hopefully. SO come on you Sullivans, wives, husbands, tony's legacy will live on as long as we contribute. So in memory of Tony Burbridge husband, father, uncle, grandfather, greatgrandfather , he was all of these so help his legacy may live on,, dig deep,, deep , a £5er, give what ever you want it all helps
£50.00 Mrs Patricia Burbridge21 December 2015 In Memory and thank you my darling for all the 57 Happy Christmas times we spent together, I love and miss you so much and always will, but locked in my heart are so many happy memories, RIP till we meet again,,
Pat Burbridge29 May 2015 was a pleasure to know such a kind and generous gentle man ,,, Linda and Aubrey Hammett
£25.00 Mr Sam Johnson29 April 2015
£25.00 Mrs Lisa Graham28 April 2015
£50.00 Mr Lesley & Brian Watson02 February 2015
£100.00 Mrs Patricia Burbridge29 January 2015 I love and miss you so much, keeping this "in memory" page is a comfort to me to see how loved you were by all who knew you,, RIP MY DARLING. our love lives on in our daughters and grandchildren ....
£25.00 Mr John Heron12 December 2014
£10.00 Mr Stuart McGeekie19 March 2014
Pat Burbridge26 February 2014 Julie Little Rob & Chloe Little, will miss you , you were a very kind and gentle man RIP
£25.00 Mrs Patricia Burbridge26 February 2014
£10.00 Mrs Gemma Haynes17 February 2014 Donation of behalf or Marguerite Wilson
Donna Johnson16 February 2014 A donation from Sioban Sandford with love and kisses
£25.00 Mrs Patricia Burbridge15 February 2014 Farewell Tony , one of lifes' perfect Dads' and also a perfect Husband.you will be sadly missed. San & Geo Crutchlow, sangeocraig@btinternet.com
£25.00 Miss Jean Paul14 February 2014
£50.00 Mr Philip Marks10 February 2014 Uncle Tony - always in our hearts - loved your humour - smiling now thinking about you. Thank you for being in our lives xxxxxx
£25.00 Mr JAMIE SMITH10 February 2014
£50.00 Miss Jan Sullivan10 February 2014 Tony You were such a charismatic, handsome man. With a twinkle in your eye and fun in your heart. You loved your family so much and you will will be so missed. Sleep peacefully. With love, Jan and Neil xxx
£25.00 Mrs suzanne pentecost09 February 2014 Tony...A Lovely man and a true gentleman. God Bless. Suzanne & Ernie
£50.00 Mrs Patricia Burbridge09 February 2014 my Darling Tony, you have given me love in an abundance some people will never know, you have given me so much happiness in the 64 years since we first met, always you put myself and our wonderful family first, they were the topic of conversation every day. We were all you ever wanted or needed in your life for that we are all truly grateful, I cannot remember a day when we didn't have a laugh, we never ever let the sun go down on a quarrel, always kissed and let bygones be bygones, your idea from the start of our journey together,, sadly that journey has ended for you but I will love you and miss you forever , till we meet again. "God bless Love you" Patti.
£40.00 Mr Alfred HAGERMAN09 February 2014 A great person to know and a true gentleman, in every sense of the word. Alfred & Pauline
Ken Wilson09 February 2014 For my beautiful Dad. My two earliest memories of my Dad are of his laughter, fun and his music! When I came home from school I would always hear his music and then hear his laughter before I got to the door! He was truly unique. He would do anything for his family and he will be loved and remembered forever. Tracy and Ken x
Gemma Haynes08 February 2014 I bet you have been laughing your head off at Donsy and I trying to get these messages up!!! Haha, miss you xxx
Gemma Haynes08 February 2014 I also wanted to say jakey has one started calling you grandad star and he likes that you are keeping an eye out x x
Gemma Haynes08 February 2014 Thank you so much for being my silly Granan love you forever xxx
Donna Johnson08 February 2014 The other donation of £25 in my name with no message is from Tracy and Ken. We are all devastated by the loss of a wonderful man. His gentleness and humour will live with us forever. He was one of a kind and will be greatly missed. Love you forever x x
£25.00 Mrs Gemma Haynes08 February 2014
£25.00 Mrs Donna Johnson08 February 2014 To my wonderful Daddy. I am so very lucky to have had you as my Dad. You taught me that it is who you are that is important, not what you have. That it is better to be honest and kind. It may not get you to the top but then that can be a lonely place. You also showed me that a smile can brighten someone's day. I have learnt that it is important to give your time to people because that is more important than things. All that was important to you was your family and I am privileged to call you my Dad and be a part of the family you held so dear. You were the best Dad anyone could wish for. I will do my best to live up to your teachings. Love and miss you always and forever x x
£25.00 Mrs Patriciaj Burbridge08 February 2014 We are thinking of you all at this very sad time. Feel so very lucky to have known Tony he was such a very kind gentle person. Love Lyn, Aubrey and Family
£25.00 Ms Teresa Donnelly08 February 2014 God bless you Tony your legacy lives on in your amazing family such an honour to know such wonderful people all made from the love you and Pat shared may you RIP love Terri xxx
£50.00 Mr Alf Hawnton08 February 2014
£25.00 Mrs Donna Johnson08 February 2014
£40.00 Mr Terence M Marks07 February 2014 To Pat and Tony: Our deepest condolences to you and all your loved ones. You are in our thoughts, we have lit candles and include you in our prayers today and on Monday. There are many fond memories of holidays many years passed and Christmas's spent with Tony and Pat at their home over the last fifty plus years. You will be sadly missed by all of us Tony, Rest in Peace! With much love from Ann and Michael Marks xxxx
£25.00 Mrs Sue Darch07 February 2014
£100.00 Mrs Anita Bernard05 February 2014
Anita Bernard05 February 2014 Uncle Tony - a wonderful Uncle who there was nothing not to love about him - except perhaps his smelly socks which used to make us all laugh when auntie Pat complained - we will always have our wonderful memories especially when he rolled a cigarette on the back of his very docile horse on one of our many family trips to Devon! We will miss you but always love you and cherish all our memories. you never know Uncle Tony you may get to meet your idol Frank Sinatra along with all our loved ones. Have a whisky mac and RIP. All our love Anita, Lisa and all the Family xxxxx
£25.00 Miss Laura Geary04 February 2014 In memory of one of the most loveliest , adorable men made , a great husband , father , grandfather and great grandfather ! You will be sadly missed but your memory will live on , I'm so very greatful to have known you Tony xxx sleep tight now angel , we will all love cherish and look after your beloved Pat and all your family xxx RIP
£25.00 Mrs Patricia Burbridge04 February 2014
£25.00 Mrs Pat Burbridge04 February 2014
£25.00 Mrs Patricia Burbridge03 February 2014 with love to "ol Blue Eyes" RIP from Annie and Kenny Marks
£10.00 Mrs Maria Weeks02 February 2014 Thinking of the family at this very sad time. Hope you get lots of donations in Tony's memory xx
£10.00 Mrs Tania Downie02 February 2014
£25.00 Mrs MAUREEN BLATCHFORD01 February 2014

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