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In Memory of Sue Salmon

18/07/1961 to 12/09/2016
Sue was a devoted mother to Alex, and a loving wife and partner of 35 years to Andy, along with being a generous and warm hearted friend and colleague to many. She had a great many interests in life from her passion toward live theatre and the arts, to her lifelong love of Brighton and Hove Albion football club and support for the Scotland rugby team. She enjoyed seeing the world through foreign travel, but also loved socialising with friends and colleagues - particularly if there was a quiz involved! She lived a full and energetic life, and her natural warmth and companionship is missed all the more with her untimely passing.

It would make her proud that her legacy, in part, is to provide some assistance to other women going through similar trials to herself.

£425.00 Mr Andrew Copeman17 January 2017 Donations collected to date from many friends and colleagues.

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Tim Evans, running in Memory of Sue Salmon has raised £13,439.20 so far

Thanks for taking the time to consider supporting my charity effort.

Sue Salmon, a good friend from my Manchester University days, passed away last year after a long battle with cancer. She fought very bravely throughout to try to beat the disease. She was taken from us far too young.

Sue is survived by her husband Andy, a very close friend and their only son Alex, a very bright 14 year old, who I am proud to have as a godson.

Although Sue's battle was a difficult one towards the end, she, Andy and Alex were given great support by Breast Cancer Care over the last few years. This support continues.

A few days before Sue left us, Andy was in Newcastle at the start line of the Great North Run, aiming to raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Minutes before the start he took a call that he needed to return urgently to Edinburgh and Sue passed away shortly after he returned. Although thwarted on that occasion, Andy, along with several close friends, decided that this year we would join forces to raise funds for this extremely good cause. These efforts will culminate with us all attempting the Great North Run in September 2017.

Prior to that, I shall be attempting to complete the London Marathon in April and I'll need all the support I can get!

So, if you feel able to support my efforts at the London Marathon and the Great North Run this year, I would be very, very grateful. Although I have run in many races over the years, the Marathon is a daunting prospect and this is the first occasion I have decided to raise money for charity. Rest assured it will go to a great cause and the money raised will help provide support to many people in their very personal battles with cancer.

Thanks again for your support,


Sue Salmon Raised: £13864.20 Target: £16000.00

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